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Some know Mexico only from tequila, sombreros or spring break parties that Americans love to go to. But Mexico has much more to offer. For example, the country is rich in Mayan culture, beautiful coastlines and colonial villages. Will you join us on a journey through the colorful villages, Mayan ruins and all the delicious Mexican food?

Maya ruins Chitzen Itza & colonial Valladolid

One of the most famous ruins in Mexico is Chitzen Itza. These ruins have as their highlight the Temple of Kukulcan, the tall pyramid proudly sticking out of the ground on a green lawn. You can easily visit this temple from Cancun, as many tours are arranged from there. But it is more fun to travel to the colonial town of Valladolid first. There you will find a nice central square, souvenir stores but also an underground pool in which you can swim. Moreover, you can also eat delicious food there, for example at the unusually designed Casona de Valladolid. Don't forget to walk to the garden, where you will find a special fountain.

The nicest coast in Mexico can be found at Tulum

One of the best places to enjoy sun, beach and sea during a vacation in Mexico is at Tulum. In fact, in some places you will find beach huts right by the sea, so you can spend the night here. Do you prefer to sleep in a hostel? Then you can book something in town, as many hostels have a free shuttle service to the beach. Tulum is much quieter than Cancun and the coastline is far from being filled with large resorts. You will find a few restaurants and plenty of palm trees so you can relax in the shade. When in Tulum, be sure to get up early and take a walk to the temple of the same name. This is located on the cliffs and is very special to see.

Souvenir shopping and hiking at San Cristobal

In Mexico it is sometimes far too hot in many places, if you want to escape the oppressive heat, your best bet is to travel to San Cristobal. This city is located higher in the mountains and is therefore pleasantly warm. Moreover, you will find cozy markets where you can buy the most beautiful souvenirs. Do bring your haggling skills, because the sellers like to ask a little more from a European tourist. Around San Cristobal you can make beautiful trips to all kinds of waterfalls. From San Cristobal you can then travel further to Palenque. There you will find the special Mayan city where you definitely want to be if you make a tour through Mexico.

Swimming in underground pools

Throughout Mexico you will find all kinds of cenotes, which are underground pools in which you can sometimes swim. Some impressive ones are cenote Xkeken, Ikkil and Dzitnup. If you are traveling in northeastern Mexico you should definitely visit one. But do not forget your swimwear, because it is more than tempting to dive in when it is hot.

Dancing on Isla Mujeres beach and swimming with whalesharks

Would you like to visit an island while in Mexico? Then go to Isla Mujeres and sleep there at the hostel PocNa. There you will find pleasant beach parties or performances of bands at night. Furthermore, you can take special tours around the island where you can swim with giant whalesharks!

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