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Las Fallas, a huge celebration in the region of Valencia. It is one of the most famous fiestas in Spain. The celebration begins every year on the last Sunday of of February with the opening party, La Crida. On March 19, the party ends when all the Fallas made are set on fire, and there is a huge fireworks party.

  • Las Fallas is celebrated every year on March 19 in honor of St. Joseph Day.
  • Each neighborhood in Valencia has its own festival organization, `Casal Faller'.
  • A ´Falla´ is a huge doll made of papier mache, this doll is made on a huge piece of wood or cardboard which is stuffed with fireworks.

Surely one of the most famous Spanish holidays is Las Fallas. With this festival, Valencians celebrate the beginning of spring. Carpenters used to go into the streets with a wooden plank on which candles were hung. Nowadays it has become a true spectacle. Each neighborhood in Valencia has its own Casal Fallar, with this Casal Fallar one makes a Falla, a huge doll made of papier-mâché on a wooden stick.

Some neighborhoods sometimes spend months making and Falla. And some of these Fallas can cost as much as a million euros. A few examples of Fallas are; witches, demons, giants, fairies but also different political figures have passed in review. Together, these Fallas make up a large parade. On the last day of Las Fallas, these papier mache dolls are set on fire to drive away the evil spirits.

Las Fallas, besides its beautiful papier mache puppets and magnificent parade, is also very well known for its many fireworks shows. Every day starting March 1, a deafening fireworks display called the Mascleta is set off at 1 o'clock in the afternoon. From March 1 to March 18, this is done every day. The real fireworks ornamental fireworks follow on the night of March 18, during the night of fire, Nit del Foc. On this night, one of the world's most beautiful fireworks shows takes place. On St. Joseph Day, La Crema, the cremation of the Fallas takes place. At Valencia City Hall, all the papier mache dolls are then set on fire. This is also the last fireworks show that takes place during Las Fallas. Each Falla is made on a large piece of wood or a large piece of cardboard. In addition to the papier mache, huge fireworks are also put into the puppets. This makes for a fantastic crematié of the puppets.

This wonderful celebration in Valencia has so much to offer, it is one big party for days in Valencia, live music is played throughout the city, people can go out dancing and drinking until the early hours. But above all, it is a wonderful celebration where traditions are carried out and one of Europe´s most beautiful fireworks shows takes place.

Photo by alcebal2002

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