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Today's diet is not as good as it used to be. So maybe we should adopt the diet of the past again! The Mediterranean diet is a diet based on the food and eating habits of inhabitants around the Mediterranean in the early 1960s. So this mainly refers to Spain, Italy, France and Portugal.

  • The food from Mediterranean cuisine is very healthy and balanced. At the same time, this way of eating also makes you less likely to get diseases.
  • That the inhabitants of the Mediterranean region were so healthy was not just down to the food. Besides eating fiber-rich meals, they also really took the time to eat. Something the Dutch could sometimes learn a thing or two from.
  • The diet itself is not only a way to lose weight, it can also be used to simply live healthier. In fact, research has shown that the diet reduces the risk of disease.

As mentioned above, the diet is based on the food of inhabitants around the Mediterranean Sea. It consists mainly of all kinds of fish, fruits and vegetables, grains, nuts and olive oil. In addition, legumes such as chickpeas, lentils, white beans are also popular in Mediterranean diet dishes. Frequent use of garlic and herbs should of course not be missed. This contains a lot of healthy fiber, good (and just enough) carbohydrates and an abundance of antioxidants. A simple meal from a Mediterranean cuisine recipe book will bring you a healthy dose of nutrition that is filling. However, every ingredient is completely fresh and often from your own garden. The fact that it is much cheaper to cook with fresh produce there than in, say, the Netherlands, makes it much easier to adopt the eating habits of Mediterranean cuisine.

Cooking with olive oil

Something we can easily adopt, though, is the use of olive oil. Its use is perhaps the main difference between the Mediterranean and other regions. Whereas the people of the Mediterranean region use olive oil for everything, we use butter for everything. Olive oil consists overwhelmingly of monounsaturated fat. The fatty acids in these unsaturated fats improve your cholesterol levels and this in turn reduces the risk of disease. In other words, olive oil is super healthy! Mediterranean cuisine is especially appreciated by the Mediterranean people themselves. The freshness and quality of the products and the simplicity and/or purity of the dish are key. A drink with dinner? You wouldn't expect it but red wine perfectly matches the taste of the food, is healthy and it suits your diet.

Not only is the Mediterranean people's diet healthy, but their lifestyle is something we Dutch might take an example from. Too much busyness and stress is not healthy. The inhabitants of the Mediterranean are very calm and relaxed; their lifestyle is relaxed and they take enough time to enjoy the food.

The diet itself is long lasting because the ingredients are highly nutritious and fill you up well. The easiest way to follow the diet is through a book, which gives you great ideas for recipes that fit right into the picture of Mediterranean cuisine. Recent research has shown that this diet is good for overall health and that it even prevents aging of the brain. Furthermore, it reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer. A 2003 study found that those following a Mediterranean diet rich in fruits, vegetables, grains, olive oil and fish were 25% less likely to die of cancer. Long live the longer life with the Mediterranean diet!

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