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It is Spain's largest autonomous region and is conveniently located in the warm south of the country on the Mediterranean Sea. The landscape consists of mountains, dry plains, green natural areas and extensive sandy beaches. Within this autonomous region are the gems of Andalusia. These gems can sometimes be seen in towns or small villages, each of which has its own unique character. Andalusia is very versatile and therefore has much to offer throughout the year. This is partly due to the excellent temperature that makes it possible to organize many festivals, markets, fairs, etc. Some of these large and small pearls are described here: Seville, Ronda and Córdoba. There is also room for two lesser-known tourist places.

  • Seville is the capital of the Autonomous Region of Andalusia and is located in the province of the same name, Seville.
  • Ronda, as a “romantic city,” is excellent as a wedding venue.
  • Also the somewhat less touristy known places, such as Juzcar and Aracena are unique. You will see something that not everyone has seen yet.


This is the capital of Andalusia and has more than 700,000 inhabitants. This makes Seville the 3rd largest city in Spain after Madrid and Barcelona and is probably one of the places in Spain where true Spanish culture is best preserved. It is the birthplace of flamenco and it shows: flamenco theater performances, flamenco shows over a romantic dinner in a restaurant and a flamenco museum are plentiful. It is a city with Spanish and Arab influences and has a modern and historic feel. Major tourist attractions include “Plaza de España,” “La Giralda” and “Metropole Parasol. For those looking for the most traditional Sevillian tapas dish should ask for 'Solomillo al Whisky.' Here, a deliciously tender piece of meat is served with a dash of whiskey. 


On the road from Seville to Málaga lies the romantic town of Ronda. This picturesque town averages about 36,000 inhabitants and belongs to the province of Málaga. It has a rocky landscape and a rugged appearance due to the many gorges, mountains and valleys that surround this city so beautifully. The most characteristic feature of Ronda is the monument “Puente Nuevo. This massive stone bridge connects the two parts of the city. It has a number of imposing arches, one of which is as high as 38 meters! This has also been the setting for an episode of the Dutch program 'Wie is de Mol'. The beautiful weather, fantastic views and romantic aura of this city make this the ultimate wedding venue.


On the northeast side of Seville lies the city of Cordoba. Known as one of the hottest cities in Europe, it has a historic downtown that is also a World Heritage Site. The city houses the world's only “Mezquita cathedral” and shows many Moorish influences in the details of its historic buildings. It is the third largest city in Andalusia by population after Seville and Málaga and is a busy city. Besides the large mosque-cathedral, the bridge “Puente Romano de Córdoba” is very imposing. For a long time, this was also the only access to the old part of the city. Besides sightseeing, this city also holds the festival 'Festival de los Patios Cordobeses'. During this festival in the third week of May, patios can be viewed and the most beautiful patio is chosen.... This special festival is also listed by UNESCO.

Of course, Andalusia has much more to offer than these places. The slightly lesser-known places include the “smurf village” of Juzcar and Aracena. In Juzcar, all the houses are colored blue and bear pictures of various characters from the cartoon series the smurfs. In the mountain village of Aracena, a visit to 'La Gruta de las Maravillas' (the wonder cave) is highly recommended. Here you walk a guided route through this immense cave and can admire crystal clear water, stalactites and stalagmites. However, it is recommended to rent a car, as you cannot get there directly via public transport. This makes it even more special to visit. Andalusia stands for even more such villages of surprise. It is therefore recommended to rent a car so that you can explore the country and discover these pearls during your trip.

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