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Last year we launched our Work & Study in Spain program, offering students the possibility to learn Spanish in don Quijote and to finance their stay abroad working in the Costa del Sol.

Our program combined a Spanish course in any don Quijote school with a job placement following the course allowing students to earn enough to cover their basic expenses. The only handicap is that this program is available only to citizens from Norway, Iceland or Switzerland and EU member states (except Romania and Bulgaria).

Now you have a new oportunity to study and work in Spain with a new program: Our new Study and Work in Spanish hotels program, open to participants from all nationalities.

This new course is an opportunity to improve your Spanish and to work in Spain earning a small allowance and gaining valuable work experience in Spain. You will learn Spanish with an immersion course at don Quijote before putting your new skills into practise on a paid work placement in a Hotel or Country House.

You will work on Spain´s beautiful mainland or on the Balearic or Canary Islands. Acccommodation and meals will be provided during the work placement phase and you will earn an allowance of between € 200 and € 400 per month.

We are still bussy preparing all the information about this new program for our website, but you can already get more details from our Course Counsellors, contact us now for more information and get a free brochure.

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