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We may not think of Spain as the basketball country par excellence, but the national team has achieved many successes. The team has won silver in the past two Olympics and even became world champions in 2006.

One of the most important players on this team is Pau Gasol. He has also put basketball in Spain on the international map and has become a national hero. For example, he was even allowed to carry the flag for Spain during the opening ceremony of the London Olympics.

Born near Barcelona, Catalonia, the 32-year-old Spaniard's height, 2 meters 13, is an appearance in itself, as Spaniards are not known for their height. As a child, he wanted to follow in his mother's footsteps and become a doctor. His parents both played professional basketball, so it was no surprise that Pau could be found in the gym from a young age. His brothers Marc and Adria also both play this sport fanatically.

When he enrolled in 1998 to study medicine at the University of Barcelona, his career lifted as well. In 1999, Pau Gasol began his professional career with the club FC Barcelona Bàsquet and put his studies on hold. In the two seasons he played for this club, he won the national league, the Liga ACB, both years. A move to America was in store for him, and so in 2001 he was enlisted at the Memphis Grizzlies club in the United States. At this club, Pau Gasol was active until February 2008. His younger brother Marc Gasol also followed him to this club.

After almost 7 years, the star basketball player joined the famous team of the LA Lakers. With this team, he even became champion of the NBA in America in 2009 and 2010.

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