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Rural tourism on the Costa Blanca

Besides the sol y playa tourism, quality, rural & nature tourism plays an increasing role within tourism in Spain. The interior of the Costa Blanca is still partly undiscovered and offers many opportunities for vacations that are more exploratory and more focused on the experience of an authentic Spanish environment.

Furthermore, it seems that tourists are also increasingly looking at the sustainability of a destination and this is where Spain could excel. For example, in the use of solar energy and the use of water-saving techniques. Two aspects that are right up Spain's alley. After all, there is a lot of sun and little water. This makes sustainability a logical concept that suits the country and climate! Furthermore, concepts such as Glamping (glamorous camping) etc. are easier to realize due to the climate than in other countries.

La Comunidad Autonoma Valenciana has an estimated 9,000 beds in Casas Rurales and similar enterprises in 2012. A Casa Rural is a general description of private and business properties that are generally rural and operated as tourist properties. The Costa Blanca that lies within La Comunidad Autonoma Valenciana and accounts for 5.3 million tourists. The climate here is described as the best and healthiest in Europe by the World Health Organization.

So an ideal vacation climate with very long seasons. When the Dutch roads are actually constantly glistening with drizzle, rain, hail or later covered with a white layer, it is spring here. In January and February the almonds are in bloom and the winter wheat is sown, the cycling teams from Belgium and the Netherlands come here to train and this Spanish state hosts many hikers, sports climbers and golfers from northern Europe. Above all, come and enjoy this beautiful part of Spain and its vast nature.

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