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Spaniards are known as late eaters. Because there is a lot of time between meals, Spanish Tapas is convenient as a snack. Tapas is part of the Spanish way of life and there is no thought that it will ever disappear.

  • Every February a tapas fair is organized in Seville. This is where many bars and restaurants participate and compete against each other to create the best tapa.
  • Many of these traditional tapas served during the fair are made up of the Spanish cheeses and hams.
  • In February, Seville has a pleasant temperature and is a good month to visit the city!

Tapas in Seville

More than 50 restaurants and bars officially participate in the Tapas Fair. At the "Palacio de Congresos" and the "Exposiciones Center" located on Avenida de Alcalde de Luís Uruñuela, varied, famous, traditional and flavorful tapas are offered. It is a popular Spanish tradition for restaurants and bars to compete with each other and creatively serve their unique, homemade tapas of up to €2.50. Home-town visitors as well as tourists are welcome to sample these Spanish delicacies. In addition to the many tapas offered at the fair, drinks are also very popular. From Sherry to wine and beer, anything that can be combined with tapas is present. Traditional wines from Seville and its surroundings, such as white wines and the so-called Sevillian "fino" (a dry sherry consumed as an aperitif) are also available during the fair.

Many of the traditional Spanish tapas sold at this annual fest are based on Spain's popular hams and cheeses, regional delicacies such as duck or kidneys in Pedro Jimenez sauce, roasted figs wrapped in bacon, tortillas de camarones and shrimp fritters. Participants serve about 8 to 12 different tapas that include "cocina casera" (homemade dishes), "chacina" (meats), "marisco" (seafood), "caracoles" (snails), "pescadito frito" (fried fish), "revueltos" (scrambled eggs) and "ensaladas" (salads). The tapas are kept under glass heat showcases that make the tapas look scrumptious. Almost all tapas contain garlic and often paprika and, of course, olive oil.

Visiting Seville in February is the chosen time for a city break to enjoy the city as well as the traditional tapas offered in bars, restaurants and hotels. Also, the temperature in February is very pleasant and not as extremely hot as during the summer.

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