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Summer in Spain varies, inland it can get very hot while on the coast it can be a pleasant temperature. The weather is determined by the altitude and the surrounding sea. Spain borders three seas that determine the summer in Spain these are the Mediterranean Sea, Atlantic Sea and the Cantabrian Sea. These seas are important for wind flow to and from the Iberian Peninsula.

It can also rain heavily during the summer in Spain. The chance of rain is less in the south than in the north, where sometimes large showers occur. In the south an average of 10 mm falls where in the northeast sometimes hundreds of millimeters fall. The Costa del Sol and the Costa Blanca are therefore very popular vacation destinations. The wettest area in summer is San Sebastian, where about 300 mm of summer rain falls. The record summer rainfall in Spain is 720 mm in Gandia in Valencia, this was on November 3, 1987.

Spring is also a perfect time to go to Spain for a vacation or to work in Spain. Some advantages are that the days get longer then, the weather is more stable and there is a gentle breeze. In spring the temperature is around 20 degrees while in summer it is around 30 degrees. On average, in summer in Spain, the sun shines 11-12 hours per day.

Summers in Spain can be very hot, this is especially true inland. Nights can also be cool inland where temperatures can fall below 10 degrees. Compared to the Netherlands, summer in Spain is warmer, but the differences between day and night are great. The temperature by the sea can sometimes stay 30 degrees all night. In the summer of Spain, daytime temperatures can run around 21 degrees on the north coast and around 33 degrees in Madrid and even 36 degrees in Cordoba. The highest temperature ever recorded in Spain is 47.8 degrees in Murcia on July 29, 1976. During summer in Spain, some places see the sun 300 to 370 hours per month. In our small country, this average is around 200 hours per month (our sunniest month). The area with the most sun in Spain and Europe is the Gulf of Cadiz in southern Spain. Here the sun shines annually over 3000 hours and the north coast, on the other hand, only 1700 hours.

Especially the east coast and the islands are crowded in the summer by both tourists and students as seasonal workers. Many students go to work in Spain during the summer vacations. These are usually temporary jobs in Spain in the hospitality industry or in the tourism sector, for example, in a hotel or at a campsite. Many families also enjoy their summer vacations in Spain.

Spain is a perfect country to enjoy your vacation or to work in the summer. Spain is one of the busiest vacation countries in Europe. Many tourists stay in Spain during the summer to enjoy the wonderful weather, among other things. I don't blame them!

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