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Spain is best known for its many varieties of sangría. But Spain has more to offer than just sangría. For example, Spain is the third largest wine country by area in the world. Besides sangría, Spain also produces many red and white wines and cava, drinks that are also becoming increasingly popular in the Netherlands.

The most famous drink coming from Spain is sangría. Everyone who has been on vacation to Spain has had a glass of sangría. The origins of sangría can be traced back to the 18th century. The British brought a drink called "sangaree" to Spain. There they consumed this drink with food, and to make it less strong for the children, a carbonated beverage was added. However, the adults wanted the drink stronger, so liqueur or brandy was added.

Sangria recipes

Several sangría recipes can be found. Sangría can be made to anyone's taste. However, the main ingredients for traditional sangria are red wine, carbonated liquor, fruit juice and fruits. There is also a white version of sangria, it consists of carbonated water, fruits, a liqueur of your choice or even vodka for those who love it. In Catalonia, white sangría is also often made with cava as the main ingredient. Sangría is tastiest if you make it several hours or even a day in advance and refrigerate it. This allows the flavors to mix well. After the sangria comes out of the refrigerator, ice cubes are added and the sangría is served in a transparent decanter with a wooden spoon in it to remove the fruit from the bottom.

Spanish wine

Sangría is not the only popular drink in Spain. Red wine is also very popular. The Romans began making wine, however, by the end of the Roman era, Spanish wines were declining. In the Middle Ages, monks began making new wine. However, lack of knowledge caused mainly red wines to be made. However, it wasn't until the end of the 19th century that Spain became internationally known for its red table wines.


In the last century, cava has become increasingly well known. Cava is also known as the Spanish version of French Champagne. Cava is an effervescent white wine produced in Catalonia. There are 7 categories; brut nature, extra brut, brut, extra seco, semi seco and dulce, in order from very dry to sweet. According to connoisseurs, brut nature is the highest quality variety, as it is the purest form of cava. The recognized cava can be identified by the cork, where a four pointed star can be found.

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