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The Spanish Tortilla

It is not called "Tortilla Española" for nothing: the tortilla de patatas is one of Spain's showpieces. In every tapas bar in Spain, you will come across a tortilla de patatas as standard. This is a kind of large omelet made of egg and potatoes and often with onion. Your visit to Spain is not complete without having tried this cake! It is also fun and delicious to prepare it yourself!

Other Spanish dishes that are also highly recommended in the local tapas bars:

Patatas bravas

Typical Spanish tapa, not really something special but oh-so-tasty! Deep fried potatoes with spicy salsa.

Gambas a la plancha

Fried shrimp with garlic and parsley on a piece of baguette. Especially delicious on the coastal areas, these areas are known for their good fish! By the way, these areas are also a very good place to eat Paella, another one of Spain's specialties.

Calamares a la romana

Deep-fried squid rings. Even if you normally don't really like fish, these are often still found tasty!


Tasty piece of sausage, usually also well seasoned with spicy paprika.


This is the most delicious piece of meat from a pig. Not comparable to other pork!

Boquerones en vinagre

Sprat in vinegar. You must have tried this once.


Small meatballs in sauce. Not like the Dutch meatballs, but very tasty!

Croquetas de jamón

These Spanish croquettes are nothing like our Dutch croquette. They are small and usually made of cheese, ham, shrimp or stockfish.

In Spanish cuisine, it is normal to eat these dishes with a piece of baguette. You often get a tapa, or also called a pincho, for free with a drink. There are many more tasty dishes, which you get to try for yourself in Spain!

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