One of the best ways to advance and learn new Spanish vocabulary is by watching Spanish content. Spanish series and movies, music, podcasts, or the radio are dynamic and effective ways to learn expressions and words used in everyday life.

As a student of Spanish, you could choose which form of learning works best for you to acquire new vocabulary and expand your knowledge. Therefore, learning Spanish with movies is one of the most common and fun ways to improve pronunciation, vocabulary, and listening in this language.

Here you have a list of the most watched Spanish movies of the last years to improve your knowledge in a fun and effective way. In addition, you can learn Spanish with Spanish-language movies and get into stories of all kinds: from Spanish comedy movies, to thrillers, dramas or Spanish movies based on real events.

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Movies to learn Spanish

Below is a complete list of the Spanish films that have taken the world by storm in recent years.

La sociedad de la nieve (Society of the Snow) (2023)

This feature film by J.A. Bayona has swept the Goya 2023 awards and is nominated for Best International Film at the Oscars. A Spanish film based on true events that tells the story of a group of young Uruguayans who were trapped in the Andes when their plane crashed in 1972.

A story that has touched all viewers and continues to sweep theaters months after its release. In addition to learning vocabulary and getting into a story of survival, you will be able to listen to the Uruguayan accent and the way the protagonists speak Spanish.

Ocho apellidos marroquíes (Eight Moroccan Surnames) (2023)

After the success of Ocho apellidos vascos, comes a hilarious sequel to give your Spanish a 180-degree turn: Ocho apellidos marroquíes. This Spanish comedy film tells the story of Carmen, a woman who wants to recover the first ship of her late husband's fleet, which is anchored in a Moroccan port. In this adventure she will be accompanied by her daughter and her daughter's ex.

Cultural clashes that will lead this family to discover a great secret of the father of the family. A Spanish comedy that has swept theaters and that everyone recommends. You will be able to improve your listening skills in Spanish while watching a funny story.

Los renglones torcidos de Dios (God’s Crooked Lines) (2022)

Alice, a private investigator, enters a psychiatric hospital simulating paranoia. Her goal is to gather evidence for a case she is working on the death of an inmate under strange circumstances.

If your Spanish level is high, this Spanish film is perfect to get you into a thriller that will leave you with more questions than answers. Based on the book of the same name, this plot will hook you and teach you thousands of new Spanish terms.

En los márgenes (On the Fringe) (2022)

This Spanish dramatic thriller is directed by and stars Juan Diego Botto, alongside Luis Tosar and Penélope Cruz. The protagonist is Rafa, a labor lawyer, who helps an immigrant who is about to lose custody of his daughter and a woman who is about to be evicted. These two stories are intertwined with that of Germán, a bankrupt businessman. Nominated for the Goya Awards, you can't miss this social critique that will help you gain new vocabulary and expressions used in everyday life.

Pinocho (Pinocchio) (2022)

This dark and fantastic adaptation of the classic fairy tale is directed by Guillermo del Toro. A unique and captivating vision, characterized by the Mexican director's visual and narrative elements, this animated version of Pinocchio has a unique style that will hook you from the very first moment.

Madres paralelas (Parallel Mothers) (2021)

Directed by acclaimed director Pedro Almodóvar, this Spanish film is a drama that tells the story of two pregnant women who meet in the hospital after giving birth and develop an unexpected friendship. Starring Penélope Cruz and Milena Smit, you can't miss this melodrama to improve your Spanish with recognized actresses.

Klaus (2019)

Another Spanish animated film set at Christmas that is perfect for the little ones, and not so little ones, is Klaus. It tells the story of a young letter carrier who is sent to a remote island as punishment for his lack of motivation. There he meets Klaus, a lonely carpenter who lives in a hut full of handmade toys.

A story to discover the true meaning of friendship and generosity during Christmas and with everyone. This Spanish animated film is ideal to improve your Christmas vocabulary, and you don't need a very high level to understand it.

Campeones (2018)

Finally, this Spanish comedy movie will help you improve your knowledge and vocabulary: Campeones. Inspired by a true story, Campeones stars Marco, who is going through a complicated moment in his life and gets into a car accident while drunk.

The judge gives him a choice between 18 months in jail or 90 days of community service coaching a basketball team made up of people with different disabilities. A Spanish movie that swept theaters and conquered all viewers for the way of dealing with the subject and all the comedy that surrounds the plot.

With these eight Spanish movies you have entertainment for a while and a good dose of Spanish from the sofa of your home. Learn Spanish while enjoying unique and funny stories and Spanish thrillers or movies based on real events. Have you already seen any of them? You choose how to learn Spanish!

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