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Spaniards love good food! Tapas, paella, tortilla you name it.... What cannot be missing in Spanish cuisine is olive oil. This typically Spanish element is used in almost all dishes. In Spain you can therefore also find the most delicious olive oil.

Olive oil goes way back in history, to 4000 BC. At that time, olive trees only grew near the Mediterranean Sea. But today they can grow anywhere. Spain was then the first to produce and export the oil. Besides being a healthy food element, it was also used to generate light and heat.

Spain, the largest olive oil producer in the world

Spain is the largest olive oil producer in the world. Much of Spain's olive oil is of the best quality. The type of olive oil that is considered the best with the most pronounced flavor is the Extra viegre olive oil. This is because this oil comes from one pressing. Other types of oil come from multiple pressings, which reduces the flavor. Spanish olive oil brands include Oleoestepa, Ybarra Gran Seleccion Afrutado, Carbonell and Hacendado. What is remarkable about Spanish olive oil is that it has a golden yellow hue, unlike olive oil from other countries, which are green. This makes Spanish olive oil special. What also makes Spanish olive oil different is the powerful aroma and peppery flavor it often has. Spanish olive oil is delectable.

Mediterranean cuisine

In Mediterranean cuisine, olive oil is used for everything. The Mediterranean diet is considered one of the healthiest. This is mainly because everything is used fresh and of high quality. The locals themselves are the biggest fans of their cuisine and value the use of fresh ingredients. Apart from the fact that so much is used fresh, it is also mostly healthy fats and nutrients that you get inside.Among other things, it prevents cardiovascular diseases.

It is recommended to incorporate 2 to 3 tablespoons of olive oil in your food daily. Did you also know that olive oil ensures healthy gums and white teeth, works against wrinkles and gives you beautiful nails.  It helps combat aging and there are many cosmetic home remedies that incorporate olive oil....

We in the Netherlands can do that too! Put it summery in a salad or use it for frying. Or imitate Spanish cuisine and make tasty tapas! You can use olive oil for almost anything.

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