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Are you learning Spanish and want to give a different touch to your learning? The best way to do it is through music. The Spanish songs will give you the opportunity to learn new vocabulary, listen to very different genres and get into unique stories.

Music has become an essential part of language learning to gain fluency, new vocabulary, and greater listening comprehension. The thousands of artists from Spain and Latin America who make music will allow you to navigate through different genres, easy and complex lyrics, or fascinating stories through the lyrics of their songs.

Below, you will find songs to learn Spanish for all levels and for different styles of music. As in donQuijote's Spanish schools in Spain, the music can be adapted to the levels and knowledge of the students.

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1. Cuando me vaya - Melocos and Natalia

Let’s start with a pop/rock ballad by the Spanish group Melocos featuring Mexican singer Natalia Jiménez. Cuando me vayais a song about saying goodbye and leaving the past behind.

A slow but catchy rhythm with which you can learn vocabulary and make your ear to Spanish. Also, with this song you will learn about emotions, goodbye and nostalgia. A mix of voices that will leave you wanting to keep listening to songs to learn Spanish.

2. Eres - Café Tacuba

A genre between alternative and rock in Spanish you can find “Eres. This romantic song by the artist Café Tacuba expresses admiration and love towards the loved one. If you want to learn vocabulary about love, devotion, or admiration towards another person, this is the song for you.

3. Me voy - Julieta Venegas

From the singer Julieta Venegas we find the song “Me voy”, Latin pop and alternative that will make you fall in love with her sweet voice. A lyric that talks about walking away from a love relationship even when you don't want to. Also, from the same singer you can listen to “Limón y sal”, another song that will be easy to understand and in which you can learn a variety of vocabulary and the use of the present tense in Spanish.

4. Vivir mi vida - Marc Anthony

Although if you are looking for music with rhythm that makes you dance in Spanish, Marc Anthony has the key. “Vivir mi vida” is a song that celebrates life and talks about overcoming adversity. A musical genre made for dancing with which you can learn vocabulary about positivity and overcoming adversity, as well as colloquialisms such as “pa qué”, a short way of saying “para qué” (so what).

5. Bailando - Alaska

Alaska is one of the best-known artists of the movida madrileña, a cultural movement that manifested itself, above all, through music. An electronic pop genre, this song will make you enjoy and learn Spanish thanks to the use of the gerund. As it is a song to learn the language, you will be able to distinguish all the lyrics as it is sung slowly.

6. La camisa negra - Juanes

A romantic ballad with a touch of Latin rock, that's “La camisa negra” by Colombian singer Juanes. The lyrics are about a man regretting the loss of his lover, with which you will learn vocabulary and the past tense of Spanish. A song to improve your Spanish that conquered all Latin America and Europe at the time of its release.

7. Despacito - Luis Fonsi ft. Daddy Yankee

Undoubtedly, the most known, listened and played Spanish song par excellence in the music scene: “Despacito”. This song broke records on YouTube and reached the top 1 in more than 40 countries.

This hit is for a more advanced level of Spanish, especially for Yankee's rap part, but you can try listening to it by following the lyrics and trying to understand what it says. “Despacito” will go down in history for sure.

8. Bonito - Jarabe de Palo

A song that celebrates the beauty in everyday life and in the little things, “Bonito” by Jarabe de Palo has a rhythm that engages and a catchy chorus that is repeated several times. You'll learn the lyrics to this song with your eyes closed and be able to sing in Spanish easily.

9. Bailando - Enrique Iglesias ft. Descemer Bueno, Gente de Zona

Perfect for beginner and intermediate levels, “Bailando” by Enrique Iglesias is a song that mixes flamenco and pop to create a perfect urban Latin genre. With lyrics that are easy to learn and understand, “Bailando” is sure to have you singing and dancing to the beat.

10. Rosas - La Oreja de Van Gogh

Unrequited love and broken hopes, with a slow rhythm so you can understand each word it says, Rosas is perfect for a beginner student of Spanish. This song by the Spanish group La Oreja de Van Gogh is one of the most famous and with a pop rock genre that will make you fall in love.

11. Todos me miran - Gloria Trevi

From Mexican singer Gloria Trevi you can find “Todos me miran”. A hymn to empowerment that celebrates individuality and authenticity. This song will help you learn Spanish thanks to the fact that the singer pronounces all the words and will let you understand everything without any problem.

12. Mi gran noche - Raphael

One of Raphael's most iconic and well-known songs: Mi gran noche. The use of the future imperfect used in this song will help you improve your knowledge and teach you how to use this verb tense in Spanish. “Mi gran noche” celebrates a special night full of excitement and happiness, it talks about the anticipation and excitement of living a great night.

13. Rayando el sol - Maná

Nostalgia and the melancholy of missing someone are the main themes of this song by the group Maná. “Rayando el sol” is easy to understand thanks to the fact that the singer pronounces all the words to the rhythm of the music and there are none with a complicated meaning.

14. Corazón partío - Alejandro Sanz

Another ballad that cannot be missing in this list is “Corazón partío by Alejandro Sanz. A song that deals with the pain of a broken heart and the feelings that accompany a love breakup. Undoubtedly, one of the singer's best-known songs and that will help you understand the colloquialisms and abbreviation of words, as the title of the song has one. “Corazón partío” is, in fact, corazón partido (heartbroken), which refers to when someone breaks your heart.

15. Con altura - Rosalía

Finally, one of the most listened Spanish singers of the moment: Rosalía. The Catalan singer has carved a niche for herself in Spanish music and in the charts around the world with songs like “Con altura”.

This song is an anthem to live life in a fun way, to celebrate success and self-confidence. A flamenco genre fusion with reggaeton that will get into your head and help you improve your Spanish if you have a high level.

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