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Hawaii and Brazil are of course known as the surf destinations of South America, but Peru should not be forgotten for surf vacations. The coast of Peru offers waves for surfers of all levels: beginners, advanced and experts. Constant winds from the far south create high waves on Peru's numerous surf beaches.

  • Surfing used to be for the richer people of Peru and was hardly paid attention to. Nowadays, newspapers are full of it and Peru even has its own surfing program on national TV: 'Surf Peru'.
  • Peru sponsors and organizes many international surf events making the country increasingly popular as a surfing destination.
  • Every summer the beaches are filled with children, youth, adults and sometimes pets surfing.

Since ancient times, surfing has been important in Peru. The first Peruvian settlers were already trying to fish through surfing! In addition, a few world surfing champions come from Peru. In 2004 Sofía Mulánovich became the female surfing world champion and in 2007 Luis Miguel, aka "Magoo," won the World Masters Surfing Championship and then Christobal de Col became the world youth surfing champion. Because of these successes, surfing is very popular among Peruvians. Long ago, surfing was only done by the "elite," but today it is an activity that anyone can do.

Peru's most famous surf spot is "Máncora." This beach is located on the northern coast of Peru and has the largest "left hand point break" in the world. It is also home to the world's largest wave, the "Chicama," which is over 4 km long. And in "Pica Alto" you will find the highest surf waves in South America, as much as 4 meters! Since 2007, the beaches of Máncora have also been used for professional competitions and championships. Because of this, there are many tourist attractions here such as surf stores and schools, restaurants and accommodations. Many spectators also come to watch the professional surfing. Tour operators therefore offer many surf vacations in Peru.

Peru has so much to offer as a travel destination, but often surfing is forgotten during a vacation to Peru. That while surfing is an important aspect of Peruvian life. Chicama has been included in the top 10 surf vacations by Surfer Magazine, so if you have a chance to take a surf lesson there, definitely do it! 

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