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You probably knew that Spain is a fun and beautiful country, but what are the real hidden treasures? Read on!

Hidden treasures

Pre Pyrenees: One of the best kept secrets of Spain are the Pre Pyrenees of Aragon. This mountain range is a beautiful piece of nature with deep valleys, fairytale villages and rocks. All the elements here have influenced the rock for centuries, creating a spectacular nature.

Albarracín in Aragon:What almost no one knows is that near Barcelona you can find a village that looks like it is growing out of the rocks. What is special about this village is that it is a beautiful village, where there is no mass tourism or heavy traffic. You really imagine yourself back in time. See the mud houses and colorful corners in this unknown hinterland of the Mediterranean.

Alquezar: While touring Spain, you will encounter many picturesque villages. Alquezar is a small village in northeastern Spain. The houses here are built against a mountain top. The village was founded by the Moors because of its inaccessibility, since next to the village runs a deep ravine. On top of the mountain are the remains of an old monastery and fortress. Definitely worth a walk into the gorge.

Playa del Silencio: This beautiful beach has not yet been overrun by mass tourism. It is only 330 meters long but voted by the Spanish as one of the most beautiful beaches in Spain in 2012! The beach is surrounded by rocks creating a beautiful bay.

But besides nature and villages, Spain also has culinary treasures, of course. And, oh, how delicious that can be! Discover the most delicious tapas bars for yourself! Tip: always go somewhere where it is not so touristy, with many Spaniards and where it is not too clean, the dirtier the floor the tastier the food is the rule. Spaniards throw everything on the floor!

There are also real treasures

There are about 3000 sunken ships on the Spanish coast, many of them still loaded with gold, silver and diamonds. Close to the Bay of Cadiz, for example, there are +/- 850 ships of which 180 have a total value of 25 million.

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