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Make your stay in Salamanca even sweeter by trying one of the city’s most typical candies! The traditional obleas are artisanal and has over three centuries of history behind it. It’s made from natural ingredients: flour, egg and sugar. Although it’s origin, like many Spanish candies, can be traced back to convents, the recipe made its way out of the monastic walls and eventually became part of a normal diet for many families. This is why today it’s common to eat them with breakfast, as dessert or guilty pleasure, or at any time of the day, along with honey, soft cheese, marmalade, chocolate or ice cream.

The creation of obleas is a common topic of conversation in Salamanca thanks to a traditional and family-run company, “Pan de Ángel”, better known as Obleas de Cipérez. The name is derived from a little town, located in the natural park Arribes del Duero, where the family of Fabian Martin has been kneading and baking this special pastry of just 10 grams and 20 centimeters in diameter for over 160 years.

Its design has barely changed since the great-grandfather of the current owner Fabian Martin began his business selling and baking obleas. He and his wife had traveled all around the province of Salamanca, from village to village selling obleas that were even more artisanal than they are now. Back then, they used a cast iron mold, which Fabian Martin still has saved as a memento. Nowadays the process has been automated.

They are excellent gifts to bring back after your stay in Salamanca, especially the candies that are decorated with silhouettes of monuments, such as the two Cathedrals or the iconic Botón Charro symbol.  And, of course, they also have the Martin family name printed on them and the village where they created this delicious product. Take advantage of your stay in Salamanca to discover the obleas, try all of its combinations and discover your favorite – make it a sweet reminder of your stay!


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