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Building peace in the minds of men and women. That is the goal of UNESCO. UNESCO creates a World Heritage List containing all of the world's special places. Many of these beautiful and historic places can be found in Latin America. Definitely worth a visit if you are in South America!

UNESCO was founded by the United Nations, the aim of which is world peace. The UN wants to improve the living conditions of all people in the world. They also strive to stimulate the development of universal values, in this way they hope to achieve freedom of want and freedom of fear.

UNESCO is helping in this endeavor by creating a World Heritage List. This list is divided into 3 parts. Namely; Natural Heritage, Cultural Heritage and Mixed Heritage, which is a combination of Natural and Cultural Heritage. There is also a separate list of endangered world heritage. In total there are 962 World Heritage Sites, spread over 157 countries.

Latin America is full of extraordinary places on this World Heritage List. 20 percent of all Natural World Heritage Sites on UNESCO's list are found in Latin America and the Caribbean.  Most world heritage sites in Latin America are found in Mexico and Peru. Thus, in Mexico you can see sights like one of the new 7 wonders of the world "Chichen Itza. In Mexico you will find no less than 31 (!) World Heritage sites. Take your pick!

One of the most important cities of the Maya was Chichen Itza. In the city you will find the Pyramid of Kukulcán (also called "el Castillo"). The pyramid is now more than 1,000 years old and great to see once! There are many more ruins to view, attracting millions of visitors. But that's not surprising, the city and its monuments are breathtaking and still exude all the historical charm of the past.

You certainly won't be bored in Peru either! Here you will find 11 different sights that are on the World Heritage List. There are many different cities, historical properties, parks and much more. Peru's most besproke n world heritage site is Cusco. This ancient village was originally the capital of the Incas.

In short: take a good look at the world heritage list and find a nice place to visit! Enjoy!

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