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Study abroad, the big dream of many students. Choose to come to Spain and study at one of its highly regarded universities. Salamanca is home to the oldest university in all of Spain and the second oldest in Europe, which has made Salamanca a true student city.

Salamanca is therefore also the student city of Spain, it is not a big city and therefore has even more charisma. Furthermore, in the other Spanish cities you will also find very good universities as well as good opportunities for a top student life!

In all, there are 73 universities and colleges where you can study in Spain. In addition, there are also a number of American universities located in Spain. All classes at these American universities are taught in English. Good to know is that at all Spanish universities European students have as many rights as Spanish students, but for people from outside Europe there is only 5% place. In general, the higher education system in Spain is considered one of the better ones in the world.

Every year a world ranking of best universities is compiled. The best universities in Spain are: the Autonomous University of Barcelona , the General University of Barcelona, the Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona, the Autonomous University in Madrid, the University of Valencia, the Polytecnic Universidad de Valencia, and finally the University of Vigo.

These are a total of 7 Spanish universities on the list. The regions where most universities are located are Madrid (14), Barcelona (11), Andalusia(10) and Valencia (8). Also, the Madrid Business School was the best in Europe in 2012. This was revealed by the publication of the European Business School Rankings 2012 by the British newspaper Financial Times. A total of 3 Spanish programs appear in the top ten, this is the school in Madrid and two universities based in Barcelona, namely the Esade Business School and Iese Business School. The top 50 includes the fourth Spanish entry, also located in the Catalan capital; Eada Business School.

In addition to choosing a university in Spain, you can also choose to study Spanish in Spain at a language school. When you do this, you will learn the Spanish language and culture to perfection! Not only will you learn grammar and vocabulary, but you will also learn a lot about the country and its culture. Fun excursions are organized, you'll get to know other students in no time and, of course, you'll easily get to know the locals!

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