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Spain's oldest university can be found in Salamanca. Salamanca is located in the province of the same name, about 200 kilometers northwest of Madrid. The University of Salamanca is not only the oldest university in Spain, but also the second oldest in Europe after the University of Bologna.

  • The University of Salamanca was founded in 1218 by King Alfons IX of Leon. Christopher Columbus, among others, was a professor at this university.
  • In addition to a Spanish course, there are numerous other options for studying in Salamanca.
  • There is a frog in the facade of the university's main building; legend has it that students who find it will have a prosperous time studying.

Now what makes Salamanca such a great student city is that, among other things, it speaks the purest Spanish, it is a modern city with beautiful architecture but still has the charm of a village. This is because everything is within walking distance and because you do come into contact with international and national students everywhere. The beautiful architecture of the city has made the old center of Salamanca, including the university and the old and new cathedral, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1988.

The number of students at the university increased until 1580. At that time there were 6,500 students studying at the university. In the seventeenth century, the number of students decreased. Today, more than 30,000 students study in Salamanca every year. This therefore makes Salamanca the student city of Spain.

The Spanish language

In addition to studying Spanish language, writing and culture, there are numerous other options for studying in Salamanca. In the past, students could choose to study medicine, law, technology, art-philosophy, mathematics, music, humanities and, of course, linguistics, among others. Today, there are still numerous options. For example, there are several opportunities to study the Spanish language. But there are also still opportunities to study medicine, psychology, mathematics, history, literature, philosophy, law science at the University of Salamanca. Studying in Salamanca for an entire academic year, a semester or just during the summer are some examples of the many options at the university.

The facade of the university's main building has caused the frog to become Salamanca's city symbol. Something of this city symbol can be found in every souvenir shop. Now it is not that the frog is a special animal for the Salamantinos (inhabitants of Salamanca) but because a frog can be found on the beautifully decorated facade of the university. Not only on the facade of the university but also at the richly decorated door on the west side of the new cathedral, the frog can be found. Legend has it that students who find the frog face a prosperous student life. For non-students, the frog ensures good luck in love. So while visiting Salamanca, it is well worth trying to find the frog.

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