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Would you prefer to do something during your vacation instead of lying on the beach all day? There are several options for this in Spain, and perhaps more than you first expected. Active vacations in Spain abound. This is due in part to the variety of landscapes, making various outdoor sports possible. Combined with the varied climate, both winter sports and nice-weather activities are enjoyed here. Do not immediately think of strenuous activities, as hiking vacations or workshops also belong to this group. For every age, the word active has a different meaning.

  • Active vacations in Spain are more often outdoor than indoor, thanks to the nice weather.
  • Water sports activities can be enjoyed all over Spain.
  • Taking a workshop in Spain is also among the active activities during a vacation.

Active Holidays in Spain

The term "active vacation" implies active performance during the vacation. In Spain, exercising such an achievement is excellent. This can be done in various forms, namely through excursions, workshops, festivals and sports. The chance of good weather here is much greater than in the Netherlands and, as a result, activities are mostly located outdoors rather than indoors. This makes the overall experience more intense by being active while still being able to enjoy the vast surroundings. The most popular activities are also in line with the country's unique characteristics and are made the most of. Skiing, water sports activities, trekking, horseback riding and golf are very popular in Spain. Indeed, sports in Spain are hot and widely practiced. Besides real sports, visiting one of the many water parks is also an active and popular venture. This activity is also more suitable for families with children. In Tenerife there is the largest water park in all of Spain and also in all of Europe: 'Siam Park'.

The north of Spain lends itself perfectly to cycling, mountain climbing and hiking through its vast forests and verdant countryside.
Canoeing and rafting are also activities that lend themselves perfectly to this because of the many rivers, lakes and streams.By canoe, for example, you can sail on the rivers "el Mera" and "el Rato" in the region of Galicia.In addition, there are also several opportunities to spend a relaxing day fishing and activities that are also popular in the Netherlands, such as paintball, karts or quad biking.

The region of Catalonia in eastern Spain is also a popular area for sporting activities.Hiking, cycling, hang gliding, ballooning, skydiving and "Nordig Walking" are some of the activities offered here.However, this is just a small sample of the activities Catalonia offers.

In the south of Spain in the autonomous region of Andalusia, the possibilities are countless. Here in the winter months you can ski perfectly on the Sierra Nevada, the southernmost mountain in Europe. In summer, this area is wonderful for long walks and hiking. Furthermore, golf is a popular activity and Andalusian horses are the figurehead for horseback riding in Andalusia. In the area around Cadiz, Seville and Málaga there are several companies and riding stables that offer horseback riding tours in this beautiful area. For example, you can take a tour in the interior of the country or along the coastline. Besides horseback riding, the area around Cadiz lends itself perfectly to water sports activities, such as surfing, kite surfing, scuba diving and sailing. The water here is just a little rougher than in other parts of Spain and there is often a stiff wind. In addition to Cadiz, these water sports activities can also be perfectly performed in the Canary Islands.

Activities that also belong to the active vacation are attending workshops. At first that may not sound so active, but there is certainly hard work being done there. In Spain, as in the Netherlands, there are various workshops to follow. From authentic workshops to the somewhat general workshops. A very popular workshop is to take a cooking workshop, so you can learn to prepare traditional Spanish dishes properly. Who is not good with pan and spatula, but wants to be creative can also go dancing or pottery and mosaics. By attending a workshop you will get to know the influences of Spanish culture, which you can take back to your own home, garden and kitchen.

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