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The sports lovers among us should definitely take a trip to Spain! And not only the "regular" sports like soccer, basketball are popular. If you like water sports then you can't believe your luck in Spain! From rafting and surfing to diving and admiring the most beautiful spots of the sea. It's all possible in Spain! Is also a nice way to spend the winter in Spain, enjoying the sun ... With the Spanish climate you can do it all.

You can really practice many water sports in Spain. Because there are more than 250 harbors, you can sail well, so this is a popular sport in Spain. Furthermore, there are many sports here such as surfing, water skiing, kite surfing, kayaking and many more. Kayaking is best done in Catalonia, Gállego in Aragon, Carasa in Cantabria or Mino in Galicia. For surfing, water skiing and kitesurfing, head to the north coast.

If you want to dive you don't have to go far either! Spain has the most breathtaking spots! You can go diving on the north coast, these places are totally different from the marine life found on the Mediterranean coast, but incredibly beautiful. Of course, you can also go to islands like Mallorca and Ibiza, where you usually have a lot of visibility. Anywhere else is also possible as there are diving schools all along the Spanish coast!

Outdoor sports in Spain

In Spain you can find all kinds of daring outdoor sports. These are less known but certainly no less fun because of that! For example, you can go canyoning, then glide with a wetsuit through narrow and steep gorges. The best place to do this is in the region of Aragon in the Sierra de Guara - with over 200 gorges, this is one of the best places in Europe for canyoning.

What is also popular in Spain is puenting. In this sport, you usually jump from a high bridge and then you hit the water just or just barely. It's a bit like bungee jumping only now you don't have a rubber band pulling you back up. Of course, you hang from some kind of rope, but there's not much elastic in there. So the difference is, with bungee jumping you bounce and with puenting you swing.

There are so many different activities to experience in Spain. Because of the wide variety of different climates, you can always find fun water sports somewhere. In any case, you will never be bored!

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