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Tickle Spa Madrid CosquillarteTalk about innovation in a time of crisis. Why didn't I think of it?

A new spa called "Cosquillarte" has opened in Madrid and is 100% dedicated to, you guessed it, tickling "massages".

The unique name is a play on words and can be translated as either "Tickle yourself" or "Tickle art".

The salon was the idea of Isabel Aires who claims that she has always loved being tickled softly as a way of relaxing. One day she realized that if she could pay someone to tickle her, she would.

So, she opened up her spa in December which has steadily built up a roster of loyal clients.

Since there is no school for the art of tickling, she worked with two trained massage therapists to develop different tickling treatments.

The small spa with 2 rooms is much like any other. Clients will be treated in a darkened and relaxing room with soothing music and nice aroma. The client will lie on a normal massage table and then the treatment will begin of light fingertip tickling along the body, and then with a feather.

The prices are reasonable, 25€ for 30 minutes and 45€ for an hour.

In the article I read about this, the reporter who visited the spa explained that she is not usually keen on being tickled. However, after a few minutes she noted how soothing the treatment was as all the "tension just flowed out of her".

The idea is to relax the client, not cause them to squirm.

Who goes to Cosquillarte? From teenagers to the elderly, men and women, it seems that there are lots of people who have been waiting for something new like this. They try it once, and they are hooked.

In fact, the idea is so new and interesting that Isabel Aires receives messages from Latin America and Russia, and also many inquiries about setting up franchises. In fact, she recently signed an agreement to give in-room treatments to a major Spanish hotel chain in Madrid.

Isabel continues to innovate, for the summer time she is developing a cold-hand treatment to chill people off from the hot weather.

So check out their web, make an appointment in Madrid, and let me know! I am very curious to see what you think!

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