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Ambience: Spain is perfect for relaxing. People do it all the time. Before work, bars & cafes are filled with people sipping their "cafes con leche" (coffee with milk) enjoying their mornings. In the mid-afternoon they take their lunch breaks, or "siestas", and enjoy a leisurely couple-hour long break eating then either napping, chatting with friends, or catching up on some shopping. After work and the errands are run, it is time for a "cafe" or a "cerveza" (beer) outside of one of the local cafes with friends or family. ¡Salud!

People: You will be surprised to find out just how very genuinely nice the Spanish are. So kind and friendly, they are quick to accommodate as if you were a guest in their own home. It is a very attractive feature while away from home!

Food: Where to begin? This subject alone could comprise its own article! The basics you have to associate yourself with are the following: paella, tortillas, flan. Paella is a mouthwatering rice dish made with seafood or chicken and vegetables simmered in a pan with a savory sweet sauce. Tortillas are similar to omelettes. You can add ham, cheese, or vegetables except it is made in a round pan and cut into slices like a cake. Flan is a sweet custard dessert topped with caramel. These are just a few of the more popular treats Spain has in store for you.

Beaches: This is literally and figuratively the hot spot in not just Spain, but Europe. The sparkling white sand and delicious emerald-blue Mediterranean waters are huge tourist havens for Spanish and Europeans alike. Basking underneath the powerful summer sun with the occasional cool dip in the sea makes for a very relaxing day.

Nightlife: The club scene is unparralled in this Iberian party capital. Ibiza, Mallorca, Barcelona, Madrid, Seville, and the Canary Islands are infamous for keeping partygoers out until their neighbors are heading off to work the next morning. It´s really quite amusing at how conducive these cities are in making everyone´s "party animal" come out. International celebrities frequent Ibiza and Mallorca for that very reason. If you are up to the challenge of partying with the best, then Spain is your place to be!

Art: Spain has a wide variety of art exhibits to offer those with a passion for aesthetics. First off, world reknowned museums El Prado and La Reina Sofia are located in the heart of the Spain, Madrid. Toledo has one of the oldest and most breathtaking cathedrals in Spain along with the former house-turned museum of El Greco. In Barcelona Gaudi reigns with his Sagrada Familia Cathedral that scrapes the sky with his signature, unconventional style of architecture. Just outside of Barcelona is the Salvador Dali Museum, constructed with the same peculiarity of the artist himself. Everything is truly a sight to see. So you have to plan accordingly to get them all in!

Soccer: It is a daunting task to convey in words the absolute fever Spaniards have for futbol. (soccer) It is almost as if the Spaniards have two nationalities. The first of course, is being a Spaniard. However, the second comes in at a close second, whether or not the person is a Real Madrid fan or an FC Barcelona fan. You could start a bar fight by whipping out lighter with the Barcelona logo on it in Madrid! It is fascinating the effect when a nation consolidates their sports fanatacism onto one sport! For which one will you root?

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