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Argentine cuisine is known for being mostly meat-based. Residents of Argentina eat an average of 65 kg of meat per person per year. Besides the delicious cuts of meat, there is much more food and drink available in Argentine cuisine.

  • The large group of immigrants has allowed Italian, Indian, French and Spanish cuisine to have a major influence on Argentine cuisine.
  • Argentina is among the top five countries in the world with the largest wine production.
  • In Argentina, eating is a social event; eating alone or on the road on a bus or train does not happen at all.

Argentine cuisine consists of influences from all over the world. Immigrants who came to Argentina have had a great influence on Argentine cuisine. Influences from Spain, Italy and France, among others, are well reflected in the cuisine. In addition to these influences, Argentina uses many local products such as beans, zucchini, corn, peppers, squash and sweet potato.

Meat dishes

Argentina is the country for meat lovers. Per year, residents eat an average of 65 kilograms of meat. This mainly involves beef. Argentine food is often prepared on a barbecue or grill. Eating in Argentina is quite a social happening. Eating alone is rare, and eating while on the train or bus is completely out of the question. On Sundays, the whole family often gathers and barbecues on a huge barbecue. Some typical Argentine dishes include asado (food prepared on a large barbecue), milbrillo (jam made from cultured pears, which are similar to hard apples) and locro (a hearty stew).

Breakfast in Argentina is only a light meal, often nothing more than toast with some jam or a croissant with coffee or tea. Lunch is more substantial and can vary greatly. Often lunch consists of a hearty sandwich or a hot meal. Breakfast and lunch take place at about the same time as dinner in the Netherlands. However, dinner does not take place before 9 pm. At dinner a good piece of meat is the basis of a dish. On the coast or in other fish-rich areas, fish tops the menu.

To bridge the long period between lunch and dinner, Argentines often eat minutas. These are small snacks or meals that can be made quickly. Some examples of minutas are coripan (hot dog), tostada (sandwich) and a chivito (a hearty sandwich topped with a juicy piece of meat).

Maté tea

Food in Argentina is often shared. If a pizza is ordered, it is eaten by all. Maté is also shared. Maté is the national drink. It is a kind of tea made from yerba (spicy leaves). To drink maté you need a special cup, yerba leaves, hot water and a bamboo straw. Yerba is put into the cup, the straw is inserted into it and then hot water is added. The creator of the drink tries the drink first and then people alternate between drinking and enjoying this national drink.

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