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Birdwatchers spotted in Costa Rica!

Every year thousands of Dutch people travel abroad in search of the most unusual, colorful and exotic birds. These people, better known as birders or Bird-Watchers are interested in observing and studying wild birds. One of the goals of birdwatchers is to spot as many birds as possible. This form of tourism is very popular these days and this is partly due to the growing awareness of sustainability and environmentally conscious living. Costa Rica then quickly comes to mind as a country that seems almost made for birders with over 850 species of birds! It is also one of the countries with the highest biodiversity and boasts many natural parks and breathtaking landscapes.

  • There are many species of birds in Costa Rica thanks to the different ecosystems and climate zones in the country that have provided different habitats.
  • The bird that has been declared a national bird and can bear this title with honor is the grays thrush, also called Yigüirro.
  • Well-known national parks in Costa Rica are "Parque Nacional de Piedras Blancas," "Parque Nacional Corcovado" and "Parque Nacional Manuel Antonio.

That Costa Rica has high biodiversity is partly due to its geographical location between the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans and the two continents of North and South America. The country consists of a relatively small land area of 51,100 km2 of which 38% is forest and jungle. Of this again, more than 25% is protected area with many national parks and reserves. For many birdwatchers, this is paradise on earth because Costa Rica faces different ecosystems and climate zones. These differences in moisture and temperature have created different forests such as mangrove forests and tropical rainforests. These zones in turn have formed into different habitats and thus automatically attract different birds to Costa Rica.

Besides the bird species that live only in certain areas of Costa Rica, there are also more than 220 migratory birds in transit, wintering, resting or feeding themselves. These birds migrate mainly over the eastern side of Costa Rica. When the migratory birds come from long distances, this is considered by many to be the best time to visit Costa Rica.

Birds soaring gracefully and jauntily, almost weightless through the air and reaching far over the treetops. Every bird has something unique. For example, Costa Rica alone has more than 50 species of hummingbirds and 20 species of parrots. Some special birds that birders can spot with a little luck are the king vulture, harpy and black gooan. With their magnificent appearance and full plumage, these birds are among the species that represent and highlight Costa Rica as a unique birdwatching destination. Surely the most famous bird is the grays thrush, also known as the Yigüirro. This has been the national bird of Costa Rica since 1977. This bird gets its title from the song that resounds at the beginning of the rainy months during the breeding season between March and May. The grays thrush often appears in songs, stories and Costa Rican literature and symbolizes fertile ground. The bird has a clay-colored plumage and is unmistakable in the wilds of Costa Rica.

This wilderness is further home to many natural parks in Costa Rica where these birds and more can be admired in all their glory. One such park is "Parque Nacional de Piedras Blancas" and is located in southern Costa Rica on the Pacific Ocean. The park consists of mountains and rivers and is covered with a thick layer of evergreen forest where you will encounter other animals and plants extraordinaire besides birds. Besides the national park 'Piedras Blancas', there are other famous national parks such as 'Parque Nacional Corcovado' and 'Parque Nacional Manuel Antonio'. If you want to enjoy the birds here in peace then it is best to get up early to avoid any streams of tourists.

In short: plenty of birds in Costa Rica to spot! What makes Costa Rica special is not only the spotting of all these birds, but also the landscape in which these birds live and move is one out of thousands.

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