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Assured of nice weather, but don't feel like staying in a hotel or apartment? Then camping in Spain is the ideal solution to really get away from it all! Spain is growing in popularity every year among campers and therefore has a wide range of campsites and camping options. It is relatively cheaper than staying in a hotel or apartment and the biggest advantage of camping is that you get in direct contact with the beautiful nature of Spain. Therefore, this form of tourism is perfect for families with young children and for people who do not want to stay directly in the city. At the campsite you can enjoy a stay in a quiet environment, directly in the open air with many opportunities for relaxation and entertainment.

  • Popular regions for camping in Spain are Castile and León, Catalonia and Andalusia.
  • The rich variety of landscapes in Spain makes camping so unique and special.
  • Glamping: a combination of glamour and camping. For the camper who wants just a little more luxury.

Campsites in Spain

Throughout Spain there are several campsites present. These are classified by category. The classification system consists of four classifications namely: luxury, first class, second class and third class. These are currently not yet recognized nationally, but by autonomous region. Because of this, the quality in class may vary somewhat from region to region, so it is recommended to look carefully at the standards per region in advance. The camping high season is in the summer months of July and August when it is also high summer in Spain. Most campsites are open from April to September. Of course, some campsites are open longer and/or throughout the year. This is therefore an excellent time to travel to Spain and spend the winter here. This way you can escape the Dutch cold.

Popular regions are Castile and León, Catalonia and Andalusia. Zones that are busy for camping are Sierra de Gredos in Castile and León, the Costa Brava in Catalonia and the Costa del Sol in Andalusia. Numerous campsites can be found here. This also makes Spain perfect for traveling around with a camper or caravan due to the wide range and rich variety of landscapes throughout Spain. From the Pyrenees to the beaches of Costa del Sol, there are countless possibilities and something for everyone.

These opportunities also manifest themselves in the types of campsites. Traditional campsites, naturist campsites and camping farms are present in the most special natural areas. These campsites often offer a variety of camping options for your tent, camper or caravan. If you prefer to rent something, mobile homes, furnished tents and bungalows are also often available for rental. Nowadays, most campsites in Spain already have wifi as standard. Other facilities often depend on the campsite, classification and location. Traditional campsites are very suitable for families with young children. These child-friendly campsites therefore offer a wide range of cultural activities. There are also several camping farms available. Those interested in the countryside and nature can get the ultimate vacation feeling here in a more personal atmosphere.

Glamping in Spain

There are also naturist campsites available and there is still the more luxurious form of camping namely: glamping. Glamping is a combination of glamour and camping. This is still a fairly new form of camping. It is suitable for anyone who would like a little more luxury, but still wants to continue to enjoy an outdoor vacation. The price you have to pay for this is a lot higher than the average campsite, but the experience you get in return is unforgettable.

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