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In Spain, you can go all out and spend a lot of money, or go low budget with as little as possible. However, it doesn't matter how you spend your vacation, because both ways are easily achievable here. You can easily get by on about 35 - Euros per day. Going on vacation cheaply does not necessarily have to be simple. In fact, there are different ways of going on vacation cheap in Spain, so that everyone can have a carefree vacation without spending too much.

  • Travel type, duration, period and destination are all influential in going on a cheap vacation in Spain.
  • It is good to look in advance for different discount codes and promotions. This can make a trip a lot cheaper.
  • Besides a regular vacation, you can also enjoy Spain through other ways, such as doing seasonal work.

Backpacking, camping or visiting family/friends are all ways to spend the vacations cheaply. Of course, this does depend on your own spending habits at the destination itself. Not only does the type of visit affect a cheap vacation, accommodation factors are also part of it. Location is very important here. In larger cities, there are certain neighborhoods where they mainly offer various cheap lodging options, such as hostels, inns and guesthouses. Here you can then choose to share the room with one or more people. This can even amount to shared rooms with twelve people. Besides paid ways, there are also certain communities on the Internet where you can stay for free with locals. It is also a great way to get even closer to the culture of Spain. In addition to the type of accommodation, the travel period also has a lot of influence on the price. For those who would like to save money with this, but would still like to visit a popular resort like Barcelona, it is better to go outside the high season. Prices can easily rise to certain “extortionate prices” in high season. In addition, even in the off-season, the temperature is still pleasant enough to sit on a beachfront terrace.

A vacation in Spain can be realized by various means of transport: by car, train or plane. Each means of transport has its own advantages. Those who prefer the comfort of a plane can fly from Amsterdam, Rotterdam or Düsseldorf for little money. However, it is important to monitor prices carefully in order to anticipate the right moment. If you would like to take your campervan to the south, you should keep in mind that there are many toll roads in France. Here you already spend more than 100,- Euros yourself and should definitely be included in the calculation. Also in Spain itself, the possibilities to move yourself from destination to destination are extensive. High discounts are given to travelers who order tickets online well in advance. In addition, it is good to keep a close eye on other discount offers from public transportation. For visits to the somewhat less accessible and unknown cities, the bus is a cheap solution. These buses are very comfortable and equipped with all the necessary modern facilities. To explore the city by yourself, renting a bicycle is excellent. In more and more cities the facilities for cyclists are excellent. In addition, it is a very economical and ecological way to move yourself around the city.

If you want to spend a somewhat longer time in Spain you can also do seasonal work. Popular regions where there are many Dutch people is on the Costa Brava. In the summer, many campsites often ask for Dutch people on a part-time basis. This way you can also enjoy a sun-drenched stay and at the same time save and even earn some money. All in all, these options make Spain a perfect destination for a little less money.

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