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The capital of Ecuador

For those who did not already know, the capital of Ecuador is an incredibly beautiful and unique city! It is an artistic city with a lot of culture. You can see this everywhere. In the squares, the unique buildings that have been built. You will be enchanted as you walk through the city.

The city is characterized by classic colonial architecture and modern buildings. In 1978, the city was one of the first cities to be declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Quito is 70 km. long (!) and only 4 km. wide. And while the city is only 20 km. from the equator, the weather in Quito is always +/- 18 °C. This is because the city is almost 3,000 meters above sea level.What you definitely must have seen if you visit Quito once is, of course, the Sucre Theater. Furthermore, you will visit the old town, the new part, the Virgin del Quito and the cable car (Teleférico) with views over the entire city. Because of its location between the mountains, the city is best admired from above, this is a beautiful and adamant view. Typical Ecuadorian items include llama rugs, jewelry and panama hats. A must to buy in Ecuador are leather goods; very cheap and of good quality.

A tour of Ecuador is also highly recommended. You can see La Piragua Waterfall or visit the rain forests, Indian populations, volcanoes or Inca ruins. Of course, you can also head to the coast! In the evening, you might choose to try the country's delicacy; roasted guinea pig. Ecuadorians eat everything but the bones. If you give a piece to them you are immediately considered a good friend! Of course, there are plenty of other delicious things to eat to choose from!

The Galápagos Islands

The most special thing about Ecuador are the Galápagos Islands. These islands are 1000 km. from the coast of South America, but are easily accessible. Therefore, among other things, there live animals that live nowhere else on earth. You can snorkel with sea lions and penguins here. Also, don't be surprised if a 200-kilo turtle suddenly crawls by.

But if you like going out you should do it in Quito itself, because this is one of the best nightlife cities of Ecuador! Especially for girls it is fun going out, you get in almost everywhere for free and often you also get a discount or there is just open bar! The neighborhood where you should be is called "La Mariscal".

After all this traveling through Ecuador and Quito it is of course also time to relax. And what better way to do that than to bathe in the hot geysers created by nature....

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