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Doing an internship abroad has always been a dream of mine. I never knew exactly where, but that I was going to do an internship abroad for six months, that was for sure. And I did it! I have been living in Salamanca, Spain for 3 months now. With 3 months to go I'm having a great time here in the student city of Spain!

Doing an internship in Spain is super

I made so many new friends from all over the world! I distinctly remember arriving here in Salamanca, here I was then ready for an adventure and I didn't even speak one word of Spanish.... And don't think that Spaniards speak English, mind you (with a few exceptions, of course)! Fortunately, the next day began my 3-week Spanish course at don Quijote. How much I learned during these 3 weeks!

Finally I was able to have a little conversation with the Spaniards. All very nice people who are always ready to help you and never too shy to have a chat. Living in Salamanca is so much fun, I live in a student apartment with 2 other girls and they have become very good friends. And what is fun to do is take trips. For example, we have already been to Madrid and Porto for weekends with a group of friends.


In Salamanca you can party really well! There are many bars and nightclubs, and every night there is something to do. Every week you can go beer pong or every Tuesday you can go to an Erasmus party, which is always in the theme of a different country. And yes, even the Netherlands has been there, what a great party that was! But what is also nice is that you meet so many people of different nationalities. Not only do you get to know the Spanish culture, but others as well!

So after my 3 week language course, the internship really began at don Quijote. Not at the school, but at the main office which is also in Salamanca. I went there a bit nervous but that turned out to be totally unnecessary! I am having a great time here. I learn a lot of things that fit perfectly with my studies in Commercial Economics. The first four weeks of my internship I was also offered conversation classes at don Quijote, which is really handy! I also enjoy the assignments I have to do, from writing articles to doing research, I love doing it!

I'm kind of looking forward to going back home in 3 months.... Life here is very different than in Holland and I would love to develop my Spanish further! Maybe I should go to South America for half a year as my graduation internship next year? Who knows? In any case, I am really enjoying my time here and would definitely recommend an internship at don Quijote in Salamanca to others!

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