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It already starts with dinner: in Holland punctually at 6 p.m. but in Spain usually around 10. Earlier or later is also allowed, it doesn't matter. As long as you have taken a siesta in the afternoon!

The cultural differences between Spain and Holland are quite noticeable. My first time in Spain, I was out with some friends and at 02.00 o'clock at night the little children were still running over the streets! I had never seen this before! But yes, in the summer this is the most normal thing in the world here.

Spanish food

I was just talking about dinner time, but the food itself is different, of course! In the afternoon, Spaniards eat a hot meal. I sit there every day with my sandwiches... I still haven't managed to get used to such a large meal at noon. In the evening they eat something smaller, usually tapas or a sandwich.

Spaniards love a drink! But then they don't do it like us Dutch, with half a liter of beer in your hand. In Spain it starts somewhere in the morning with a glass of red wine. Some alcohol in your coffee is also possible. In the afternoon some more wine and in the evening of course it can't be missed! We can't expect anything else from the largest wine country in the world.

Elderly people in Spain

Nice to see in Spain are the elderly people who sometimes spend whole afternoons sitting on benches talking. You won't easily see this in the Netherlands. They sit there for a while people watching and talking, it does look relaxing.

In the summer, everyone here sits comfortably on the ground! And then especially in Plaza Mayor in Salamanca is fun, all groups of people sitting on the ground talking. All this is also possible and not dirty, as the streets are cleaned EVERY night! And if you are not careful, the cleaners just spray you wet too.

As we all know, Spain has a 'mañana, mañana' culture! But really, there is nothing wrong with that, is there? Spaniards always stay calm and don't rush into things. Much more sociable. I hope that after this information about Spain, you too will now say, "I want to go to Spain!"

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