They are eaten for breakfast, as a daily snack and sometimes even after a party. We are talking about the crunchy fried flour stalks dipped in melted chocolate, or Spanish churros.

This Spanish delicacy is composed only of flour, oil, sugar, and salt. Eating churros, with or without chocolate, is an authentic Spanish tradition and is considered a very cozy and social act because, according to the Spanish, it is unthinkable to eat them alone! Take advantage of your stay in the country to learn Spanish and try this authentic breakfast in Spain.

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Churros con chocolate: a Spanish tradition

Spanish churros are a unique delicacy in Spain and other Spanish-speaking countries. This dough is made only of flour, oil, salt, and sugar and is usually eaten dipped in melted chocolate. But do you know their origin?

The origin of the Spanish churros is not clear, but it is believed to have its roots in Spain for centuries. There is a popular theory that churros were brought by Spanish shepherds traveling through the mountains. It is said that they prepared a simple dough of flour, water, and salt, and fried it in hot fat to obtain food quickly and provide them with energy for long days of work. This practice would have been inspired by a technique of the Moors, who used to fry a similar dough to make 'xurros' (a variant of churros), during the Arab period in Spain.

Others claim that churros were first consumed in Catalonia in the early 19th century. And there is another theory that Spanish gypsies sold churros at fairs and that this is their true origin.

Not even the Provincial Association of Churro Manufacturers has an explanation of the origin of churros. It is a great mystery, and we may never know exactly where Spanish churros come from....

But, although the exact origin is not known, Spanish churros have become an iconic element of Spanish gastronomy. They are enjoyed all over the country for breakfast, as a snack, as an afternoon snack or in the evening after a party. Churrerías usually open from 6 a.m., so many people who go out to party stop by after going out to eat churros with chocolate. You can also find churros in Spain at fairs or festivals, as well as in the dessert menu of some restaurants.

Wherever they come from, Spanish churros are very popular in Spain. As is typical in the country, you can order a cup of melted chocolate or a café con leche to dip the churros in.

Where are Spanish churros sold in Spain?

Nowadays churros are sold everywhere, but the tastiest ones are still in the churrerías. The churrero, the person in charge of making them, is a true artisan who knows exactly when the dough is perfect to pass it to a churrera, the machine used to shape the churro dough. 

Once the dough is shaped in the churrera, it is poured into abundant hot oil and fried briefly until it acquires a golden color. You can choose whether to sprinkle them with a little sugar or dip them in hot chocolate.

Although if you want to enjoy some authentic churros with chocolate in Spain, you must make a mandatory stop at Chocolatería San Ginés in Madrid. This is one of the most popular churrerías in the country. You will recognize Chocolatería San Ginés by its marble floor and its small tables, besides being in the heart of Madrid.

Another very famous one in Madrid is La Mallorquina. Although both places are usually crowded, you can't forget to visit them and try some authentic churros with chocolate.

Don't forget to try this delicacy during your stay in Spain!

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