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Spain is known for its long sandy beaches, sun-drenched climate and has been in the top vacation countries for years. What is often forgotten is that Spain has perfect coastal resorts for wind or kite surfing. On the Andalusian coast, close to the Strait of Gibraltar lies the province of Cadiz. The village of Tarifa is a fantastic Spanish surfing and windsurfing destination. Tarifa is located at the point where the Mediterranean Sea meets the Atlantic Sea making it a very popular destination for surfing vacations.

  • Tarifa, a small town located on the southern coast of Spain, is also called the European capital of (wind) surfing.
  • Surfers can be found on Tarifa's beach all year round; in winter it is more popular with surfers and windsurfers, while in summer it is teeming with kitesurfers.
  • Surf lessons and surf camps are very popular for youth during vacations to Andalusia.

The province of Cadiz is the southernmost province of the Autonomous Region of Andalusia and thus also the southernmost province of Spain. At the southernmost tip near the village of Tarifa, the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea meet in the so-called Strait of Gibraltar. There the coast splits into the Costa del Sol and the Costa de la Luz. The distance to Morocco is only 14 kilometers, allowing for stunning views of the Moroccan Rif mountains.

The fact that the wind on the southern coast of Spain is extremely constant makes it the ideal place for surfing. For both as beginners and advanced surfers can surf here. Tarifa is a paradise for the kitesurfer, but surfers and windsurfers are also often found on Tarifa's coastline. Many surf schools can be found in the village offering both single lessons and surf camps. A surf camp during a vacation in Cadiz is popular among kids and teens every summer.

Besides being a popular surfing destination for young and old, Tarifa is also a paradise for nature and bird lovers, and activities such as horseback riding, diving and mountain climbing can be undertaken. The nearest major city is Cadiz, which is also called "the city that smiles" because of the cheerfulness of the Gaditanos, the city's inhabitants. The Gaditanos are cheerful and content and enjoy life to the fullest because every day is a new day. The city is also very popular among students who want to learn the Spanish language and for day trips during a vacation to Andalusia.

For surf lovers, the coast of Tarifa is definitely recommended. Tarifa is not called the European capital of (wind) surfing for nothing. Also, the coast of Tarifa is full of wildlife, dolphins and whales you will definitely spot here! In short, there is plenty to do here!

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