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The Spanish costas have been one of the most popular vacation destinations for years. The Spanish coast is very diverse and therefore has much to offer. Where in the North of Spain the coast is rugged and has a very green hinterland, the costas in the Southeast of Spain consist mostly of white sandy beaches and clear blue seawater.

The Spanish word for coast is Costa. For years, the Spanish costas have been one of the most popular beach destinations in Europe. The coast of the Spanish peninsula is a whopping 4964 kilometers long. Portugal's location on the Iberian Peninsula has caused the Spanish coastline to be divided into two parts. One is the southeast coast of Spain, most of which faces the Mediterranean Sea. The southeast coast is also divided into 12 costas. The second part of the Spanish coastline is located on the north side of Spain on the Atlantic Ocean, this part is divided into 6 costas.

Costa Brava

In the far north of Spain lies the Costa Brava. Costa Brava also means the "rugged, wild coast. This costa is about 200 km long and is a popular vacation destination especially with young vacationers. South of the Costa Brava in Catalonia is the Costa Dorada and consists mostly of well-known seaside resorts and small fishing villages. The Costa del Azahar is located on what means the 'Orange Blossom Coast', is 120 km long and owes its name to the many orange fields in the area

Further south is the Costa de Valencia and the Costa Blanca. The main city on the Costa de Valencia is Valencia, this along with Barcelona is one of the few cities that have a city beach. The Costa Blanca is a 250 km coastline located south of Valencia and is best known for its beautiful bays with white sandy beaches. This costa gets its name from the many almond trees that grow in this region. Even further south we encounter the Costa Calida, "the warm coast." This region is also home to the largest natural pool in the world, "Mar Menor.

One of the costas not yet overrun with mass tourism is the Costa Tropical. This costa owes its name to the many tropical fruits that grow here. The Costa Tropical is located in southern Andalusia and is a paradise for peace seekers, nature lovers and because of the clear water also for diving enthusiasts.

Costa del Sol

South of this tropical paradise is the Costa del Sol. This costa is very popular with tourists and here you will find many busy places often used by winter visitors. The Costa del Sol characterizes itself by its beautiful beaches, warm weather and wide boulevards. Besides the busy places, there are also fishing villages.

Thus, on the southern coast of Spain one finds many winter destinations. In contrast, for those who like active beach vacations, the Costa Verde is an ideal destination. Located in northern Spain on the Atlantic Ocean, Costa Verde has extensive beaches interspersed with rocks and cliffs that extend into the sea. Because this region also experiences occasional showers in summer, there is plenty of greenery. In the immediate vicinity of the Costa Verde are some beautiful cities and also the mountain peaks of the Picos de Europa. Therefore, the Costa Verde is the ideal destination for hikers, climbers or cyclists who want a great diversity of nature at their fingertips.

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