Thinking about going abroad to learn Spanish but don't know where to go? Look no further and let us help you find the best destination! Spanish is spoken in many different countries and each one has a different appeal for visitors: whether it's history, nature, or culture you're interested in, you will find your perfect match. Let's explore together different destinations where learning and practicing your Spanish won't be a problem. Here are 7 best destinations to learn Spanish.   


1. Spain

Because, you know, the Spanish language comes from Spain, so wouldn't it be a great place to start? While there are differences between the varieties of Spanish used in Spain, everyone can still communicate with each other. The Spanish you learn in Spain is different to South American Spanish because of the different ways it is spoken, but when you learn Spanish in Spain you will be able to communicate in any country that speaks the language. You may practice your Spanish before studying aboard in Spain by listening to Spanish radio, watching your favorite show in Spanish, or download a Spanish app on your smartphone.

Madrid is the 6th most populated city in Europe and its clearly spoken accent is just great for learners. Madrid is the capital of Spain and is known for its energetic culture, tapas and great ambiance. Most locals are very friendly and like tourists who want to learn to speak their language. Spanish classes in Madrid are very interactive, and everything you learn in the classroom you will put to use with a friendly local. What better way to learn Spanish in Madrid than over a glass of wine and free tapas?


Barcelona is surrounded by sunny beaches and its great food makes it a long-standing favourite destination for tourists. Barcelona could be the best place to learn Spanish in Spain because of its melting pot of individuals and their cultural blend, so learn Spanish in Barcelona to live a cultural experience as you practice the language with native locals. Taking Spanish courses in Barcelona will also help you experience a new lifestyle by making new friends and having fun in a new language. Just imagine: after your Spanish class in Barcelona, you and your new friends head out to eat with an incredible view of the Mediterranean Sea. 


2. Mexico

Truly immerse yourself in the Mexican culture and traditions through the language in Latin America by trying out one of our Spanish immersion programs in Mexico. Learn Spanish in Mexico throughout your daily routines and take advantage of the opportunity to practice your Spanish in your everyday life.

Oaxaca is in Southwestern Mexico and has a coastline of the Pacific Ocean. It is one of Mexico's top destinations, thanks to its rich culture and amazing gastronomy. At our Oaxaca Spanish school, you will make long-lasting friends and open new doors for your future while you study Spanish in Mexico.

3. Costa Rica

Surround yourself with gorgeus nature! Come and try our Spanish immersion program in Costa Rica and have fun while doing it. This country has amazing sights and here you will be able to learn new Spanish vocabulary while you're ziplining through the jungle. Learn Spanish in Costa Rica while enjoying some natural hot springs or visiting an adventure park. It's the most biodiverse country on Earth, so keep an eye on its amazing wildlife!

4. Argentina

Love red wine and advanced cuisine of all types of food? You can venture off after your Spanish classes and indulge in the culture. Argentinians are famous for their distinctive and captivating accent, and they love exchanging and learning new vocabulary words with tourists. So, feel at home and make the most of your stay while you learn Spanish in Argentina and share mate with your friends.  

Buenos Aires is known for its high population, and its cultural scene makes it one of the world’s top destinations. Many of the Spanish schools in Buenos Aires offer immersion programs to help students experience the real Argentina. Since language and culture go side by side, what better way to learn Spanish in Buenos Aires than a highly-customized program that tailors your interests and helps you learn faster?  

5. Colombia

Everything you have heard or seen on TV about this country you must delete it from your memory and start off fresh: a lot has changed since the 90s. Spanish schools in Colombia are surrounded by the country's lush landscape and offer many opportunities to practice your new linguistic skills. One of the many reasons to learn Spanish in Colombia is that the locals clearly pronounce their words and speak slowly, which makes it very easy to understand.

Gain the ultimate experience and learn Spanish in Bogota or Cartagena de Indias while you get to know the local traditions. Spanish schools in Bogota will teach you how to communicate in supermarkets, restaurants, and other places where you will want to talk to people on an everyday basis.

6. Cuba

This historical and vibrant country is known for its music, art, and culture. Take a tour around the city and study Spanish in Cuba in a way you never expected. Jump inside a 1950s car and see vintage art pieces on your way, and don't miss the breathtaking architecture that awaits you just around any corner in Havana or Santiago. Learn Spanish in Cuba while you dance your way through old Havana and, of course, fall in love with the locals' caribbean accent.

7. Ecuador

Explore the beauty of the rainforest and wildlife while you learn Spanish in Ecuador. Most locals are very open to helping international travelers around the area. A good Spanish school in Ecuador prepares you for basic conversations and how to travel around cities like colonial Quito with no problem. People from Ecuador speak slowly and clearly so it doesn't matter if you're an absolute beginner, you won't struggle to communicate. So, come and study Spanish in Ecuador, it will be the experience of a lifetime!




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