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Bolivia’s varying landscapes, which include mountains, rainforests and plains, are home to a vast range of Bolivian wildlife. Eastern Bolivia is known to be particularly bio diverse and new species of fauna and flora are being discovered here all the time. Equally, however, Bolivian animals are constantly becoming extinct in this area as the already endangered species are put further at risk by such things as hunting and the deforestation of their natural habitats.

Bolivian natural parks are among some of the world’s most beautiful and well preserved. The Beni Biosphere, the Kaa-Iya and Madidi National Parks, to name a few, have thousands of species living within them, such as capybaras, sloths, flamingos, chinchillas and llamas, all native to Bolivia.

The parks also help look after Bolivian protected species such as spectacled bears, river dolphins, blue paraba macaws and giant otters.The Andean areas of Bolivia are particularly rich in wildlife.

Andean animals are an important part of everyday life for the people who live there, as they help with transportation and also form part of the Andean diet. Animals there are also at risk however, due to the increasing deforestation. Look through the following section for more information on Bolivian wildlife.