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Have you always wanted to learn how to dance flamenco? Do you love salsa music but can't bring yourself to hit the dance floor? Maybe you'd like to incorporate some healthy Mediterranean dishes into your regular diet or gain a deeper understanding of Spanish and Latin American culture. Or how about staying active with outdoor sports like golf and tennis, or heading to the beach for kitesurfing and scuba diving? No matter where your interests lie, at don Quijote we know that the best learning goes beyond the classroom, and there's no better time to practice your Spanish than when you're having fun.
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Flamenco | Salsa dancing

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One of the most entertaining ways to experience Spanish or Latin American culture is to hit the dance floor (or tablao if we're talking about flamenco) and try out some moves. It's the perfect way to combine cultural immersion, fun, exercise, and, of course, practicing your Spanish in real-life situations. Choose salsa or flamenco dancing as an additional activity and discover the power of rhythm. All of our schools in Spain offer flamenco, and some also have salsa. Our schools in Santo Domingo de Heredia (Costa Rica), Quito (Ecuador), and Guanajuato, Oaxaca, and Playa del Carmen (Mexico) have salsa classes only.

Scuba diving | Kite surfing

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If you love being in the water and all your favorite sports are related to the beach, we recommend combining your Spanish course with the best aquatic activities. Dive beneath the waves to enter a fascinating underwater world, or skim across the surface at top speeds with our kite surfing lessons: two of the best ways to get your adrenaline kick after leaving class! Scuba diving courses are available at our schools in Tenerife (Spain) and Playa del Carmen (Mexico), while kite surfing is offered in Playa del Carmen only. All courses are carried out in collaboration with specialized centers and include all the equipment needed for the activity.

Cooking Classes

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The best way to learn Spanish is by becoming completely immersed in the Spanish or Latin American culture. With our cooking classes, you'll have to communicate in new situations and contexts where not only will you be practicing the Spanish you've learned in class, you'll also pick up new vocabulary and improve your fluency through conversation. Want to use your time at don Quijote to improve your cooking skills? Hungry for new and delicious flavor combinations? You can sign up for cooking classes at all our schools in Spain and in Santo Domingo de Heredia (Costa Rica), Quito (Ecuador), and Guanajuato, Oaxaca, and Playa del Carmen (Mexico).

Yoga Classes

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Craving some exercise but also need to take a break and clear your mind? Yoga is the best way to take care of your body, relax, and continue practicing Spanish in a different setting after class. Are you already an expert yogi, or have you only just learned how to do a sun salutation or tree pose? Wherever you are on your yoga journey, don't let your practice fall by the wayside during your time at don Quijote. Yoga classes are available at our schools in Marbella and Madrid in Spain and Playa del Carmen in Mexico. All courses are led by professional yoga teachers.

Golf | Tennis

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It doesn't matter whether you've spent countless hours on a clay court or have just learned how to hold a racquet; if you spend every free moment on the golf course or have only just started working on your swing. With our golf and tennis classes, you will improve your game and, even better, you'll be practicing Spanish in a different context. Our school in Marbella is the only one that offers both tennis and golf classes: each week you'll receive five classes with a teacher and five classes to practice. Both types of classes are held at renowned institutions in the city.

Culture Classes

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Maximize your time abroad by delving deep into the culture of your destination in Latin America. Our don Quijote schools are located in cities of great historical importance with a rich artistic heritage you'll love discovering. We'll tell you everything you've always wondered about Maya and Inca customs, the traditions surrounding the Mexican Day of the Dead, and the local food culture, combining guided visits with interesting theoretical classes. Experience our culture classes at don Quijote schools in Santo Domingo de Heredia (Costa Rica), Quito (Ecuador), and Guanajuato and Playa del Carmen (Mexico).


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