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All our schools in Spain and Mexico are preparing an exciting summer season as they wait to be reopened in a few weeks. And, of course, all don Quijote schools in Costa Rica, and Ecuador remain open and working full steam ahead!

Record Your Level don Quijote Certification

Spanish course certification information for students, academic institutions, and potential employers. All students who attend at least 85% of their classes during their Spanish course in Spain and Latin America will receive a don Quijote certificate at the end of the program.

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  2. Record Your Level don Quijote Certification

Certificate Details

Information included in the certificate

  • Student’s name
  • don Quijote School
  • Start and end date of the program
  • Spanish course name and level
  • Number of hours attended
  • Student's Spanish level at the end of the program

How to verify a certificate issued by don Quijote

To confirm the validity of a certificate issued by don Quijote, please use our verification page.

You can use the student's passport or ID number to confirm they have a certificate issued by don Quijote. Please note that you will need the ID or passport number the student used when registering for the Spanish course.

If you have any questions about the certificate verification process or difficulties arise in the authentication process, please contact us at


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