Campus and Accommodations Safety Guidelines for Students

don Quijote’s commitment is to preserve students’ health and safety any time while offering a full-immersion experience on campus, inside student residences and apartments, and during transfers and commuting. To achieve that, we have implemented specific health and safety protocols and we have adapted our facilities, adding extra equipment to comply with the latest regulations. Read on to find out more about the health and safety measures implemented by don Quijote and explore what you can do during your immersion program in Spain.

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  2. Campus and Accommodations Safety Guidelines for Students

On-campus health and safety protocols

  • Schools will be completely sanitized before reopening
  • Methacrylate screens will be installed at staff's workstations
  • Students will receive a brief training to make their experience 100% safe
  • Faculty and staff have had extensive briefing in the measures to be implemented
  • An emergency number is available 24/7 for support in English and Spanish
  • Wet and dry sanitizing mats are available at the entrance of the school
  • Daily temperature measurement before entering the school
  • Sanitizer gel and soap are available any time
  • According to the regulation, the use of face masks is mandatory in enclosed spaces
  • Common areas will be restricted according to the local regulations
  • Staggered schedules to avoid crowds during peak hours
  • Reduced number of students per classroom
  • Improved ventilation in all our facilities
  • Deep-cleaning with sanitizing products on a regular basis
  • Outdoor-teaching options subject to weather conditions and local specifications
  • Support and instructions regarding health and medical assistance management

What your immersion will be like

After devising and deploying the previous health and safety protocols, we are ready to welcome students once again in our schools and provide them with the experiential adventure they deserve. However, you might be wondering how a language immersion will look like given the circumstances. This is what you can expect from your next trip to Spain:

You will receive a brief training on health and hygiene
Staff's advice and help any time you need
Freedom to roam your new city by foot or by bicycle
Public transport
You can use public transit without any restrictions
Outdoor activities
You will enjoy beautiful parks, gardens, and beaches
Cultural offerings
Visit museums, monuments, and more
Terraces and cafés
You will meet up with your new friends at bars and cafés
Experience Spanish restaurants and take-away options
You will do excursions and visit other Spanish cities
You can go shopping on great avenues and flea markets
Buy fresh ingredients in local shops or supermarkets
Do outdoor sports with your classmates
Health care
In Spain the health care system is often free of charge
You will be able to get a relaxing massage
Beauty and grooming
You can visit a hair salon or get pampered in a beauty parlor
And much more
And there is much more you can do during your stay
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