Marbella Centro Summer Camp

Located in the heart of the coastal city of Marbella, this camp is ideal for students aged 14 to 18 who want to learn Spanish while enjoying an international experience.
AGES 14-18

Teen Spirit

Living in the heart of the charming old city, just a short walk from the beach, gives young adults the chance to develop their independence as they discover the delights of Andalusia with new friends from around the world. The camp's modern amenities, first-class sports facilities, and outdoor swimming pool make students feel at home as they enjoy a full language immersion.



Our camp is right in the center of Marbella, just a 15-minute walk from the beach, perfect for older students aged 14 to 18 to explore the city in their free time and enjoy a bit more independence. The Costa del Sol is a top destination for travelers from all over the world, making Marbella an excellent place to learn about other cultures and interact with other international students in Spanish.


In addition to offering a variety of optional sports, such as tennis or horseback riding, our camp has a swimming pool and organizes fun activities designed to bring students together. After morning Spanish classes, the young adults will make the most of their afternoons by going on trips and cultural excursions.


Magnificent Marbella is sure to impress any teenager. Whether they're most taken with the glamorous city and port, the shining Mediterranean Sea, the charming cobblestone streets of the old town, the fascinating people of all different nationalities, or the fun, relaxed atmosphere of the camp itself, there's something for everyone at our Marbella Centro Camp.


Students will hit the books during morning classes and let loose in the afternoons with time for games and sports at the pool or active workshops where they can learn Latin dances, tackle CrossFit-inspired challenges, exercise underwater with aquagym, or dance Zumba. Of course, they'll also have plenty of free time to explore the city and relax at the beach with their new friends.



  • Paddle Tennis
  • Horseback Riding
  • Soccer
  • Golf
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School facilities & location

The youth hostel Inturjoven Marbella is in the city's old quarter, less than 1 mile from the beach and a 5-minute walk from the Represa Park. It has good bus connections. Malaga is less than an hour away by car, and it's about 7 miles to Puerto Banús.
School Activity Agenda

Activities Marbella Centro - Sample 2 Weeks

Sunday | Welcome to Camp, Pool Games, Icebreaker Activities
Monday | Pool Games and Sports, Zumba or Crossfit Workshop
Tuesday | Pool/Water Polo, Aquagym or Latin Dances Workshop
Wednesday | Excursion to Amazonia Aventura, Night Game Capture the Flag
Thursday | Permission Day or Workshops, Flamenco Activity, Evening Stroll
Friday | Pool, Sports and Games, Talent Show
Saturday | Excursion to Malaga, Game of Thrones Activity
Sunday | Permission Day or Beach and Sports
Monday | Pool, Night Games, Magic Show
Tuesday | Pool and Water Volleyball, Workshops
Wednesday | Excursion to Benalmádena
Thursday | Pool, Games and Sports, Permission Day
Friday | Workshops, Goodbye Gala, Awards Night, Farewell Party
Saturday | Students Return Home
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Prices for the Marbella Centro Summer Camp

1 week 1245€

2 weeks 2155€

4 weeks 4155€

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“I loved being with my new friends! Every single day we had different things to do like games, excursions, trips, campfires, handicrafts, workshops... I have had a very good time, I have met new friends and I am very happy about all the international friends I made.”

Sanna (Sweden - 14 years old)

“The classes are very fun; I love the activities. I would love the summer to last longer and to play more sports, have more carnivals, and participate in more workshops... it’s great!”

Anna (Brazil - 17 years old)

“Today was a really cool day! I went to the beach, and we did an obstacle course. When we got back to the camp the counselors put on a costume movie: the counselors dressed up like characters from the movie.”

Juliette (France - 6 years old)

“The best part for me was being able to meet people from all over the world in one place. I learned more Spanish in two weeks than in my whole life in school classes back home. My roommate, Jordi, was a really cool guy from Barcelona. They were great weeks. And I loved Salamanca... it is gorgeous.”

William ( UK - 10 years old)

Sanna Sweden Anna BR Juliette FR William UK

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