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This online part-time 3h/week Spanish classes are the perfect complement to your school studies or work. Attending 3 hours of online and live classes per week, you will improve your Spanish in a comfortable and easy way.

AGES 13+

The most comfortable choice


The 3h/week programme is designed for those students who want to learn Spanish, or improve it, step by step without interfering with their daily routines. Students who want to combine their classes or work hours with other studies and prefer a lower hourly load than other online courses.

This is a great opportunity for people who want to improve their communication skills in a comfortable way and are looking for a method that fits very naturally into their daily lives. These online students do not mind that learning takes a little longer but prefer to learn Spanish in a simple way and with a low weekly workload.


This online 2-week program is focused on getting you to learn Spanish easily and with few hours of classes, 3 hours each week. The classes consist of two one-and-a-half hour sessions during weekdays, which will allow you to advance in your learning without rushing, but making the most of each session.

You can start any Monday of the year. What are you waiting for to join?

 flexible class schedule

Course availability

You can choose to take this course during weekdays in the afternoon on Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday.

timetable options

Afternoon timetable available starting at 7:30 pm (Madrid). For all other locations, please use a time zone converter to find the exact time difference using above mentioned cities as a reference.

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"I was impressed that the teacher was so aware of every sentence we were saying and making corrections in real time when we needed. It is a big plus that classes are live and that your questions are answered instantly. You really learn the language and don’t lose track at any time."

Jayden R. (First don Quijote online student)

"I would expect online classes to be boring... but not at all! The teacher guides you throughout the lesson and makes you interact with your classmates. You totally forget that you are at home alone and that makes you feel as you are really at a real don Quijote school."

Pauline D. (Online Intensive 25 student)

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