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Learning Spanish with don Quijote isn’t just about studying a language – it’s about immersing yourself in a new culture; it’s living both within a new environment and outside your comfort zone, developing new skills and gaining new insights. Our Spanish language programs will take you on an unforgettable journey of self-discovery: find out who you are, what you’re passionate about, and exactly how much you’re capable of.

Take a look at a day in the life of our don Quijote students and get inspired to take the leap into authentic Spanish immersion.  

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Dear Spain,

I observed you as a typical guiri for quite some time, ordering sangria in bars, eating paella for dinner, and dancing passionately every time I heard “La camisa negra.” Thanks to don Quijote, now I can say that I’ve become an authentic extranjera who has adapted and goes out to have la primera at midnight and uses phrases like hombre, lo tienes chupao, and taluego. Thanks to Pedro, I also know which words are best to avoid.

You have taught me many things. Thanks for everything and I hope to see you soon! Keep being the best teachers in the world!

¡Un beso y un abrazo fuerte a todos!

Katrin, age 21, don Quijote Salamanca (Intensive 30 - homestay)

I had a very positive experience at don Quijote with Consuelo Defez Gomez as my teacher. As a retired teacher in the U.S., I’ve had many years of working with educators of all levels of competency.

Consuelo was an excellent teacher in all ways. She was able to assess my level of Spanish quickly and create opportunities for me to continually improve, while always keeping me challenged. She spoke clearly, encouraged me to correct errors I made, and helped me understand new vocabulary without changing into English. We spent several days in the classroom, and then she suggested exploring Madrid together ......the cafes, museums, vistas, etc., which made my learning even more meaningful. My communication continued to improve, as did my appreciation of the beautiful Spanish culture.

Consuelo’s outgoing personality, kindness and apparent love of her profession, all contributed to my motivating experience. I truly hope others Spanish learners are able to experience Consuelo as their teacher in the future.

Dolores, age 60, don Quijote Madrid (Private One-to-One classes)

Arrived in Playa del Carmen yesterday! After spending 2 weeks in Guanajuato, it was hard to say goodbye to my teacher, classmates and host family… But I’m already loving Playa del Carmen. After meeting my new host family and dropping off my bags, my host brother took me on a tour of the town. Playa has an interesting energetic yet laid-back vibe – makes it a cool place to learn Spanish! Plus, the beach is stunning.  
Today I picked up my Intensive Spanish course right where I left off in Guanajuato. My new teacher is terrific and the group is nice and small, just 5 students. I can really feel my Spanish improving, but more importantly, I can feel myself gaining confidence. In the afternoon I went to my elective class – Business Spanish. The class is super interesting (and I think it will come in handy after graduation).

Now I´m getting ready for my first Salsa dance lesson, so excited! And I’ve already scheduled a scuba diving lesson for this weekend, I can’t wait! I don’t ever want to leave Mexico…

Suzy, age 20, don Quijote Guanajuato and Playa del Carmen (Intensive 25)

Just finished my second day of Spanish Teacher’s Training here in Salamanca. First of all, I can’t express how much I love Salamanca. The young vibe of the city juxtaposed with its ancient stone buildings, the Plaza Mayor, the Cathedral… it’s incredible. And of course, the Spanish teacher in me loves that I’m studying in one of the most famous university cities in Europe. 

This morning we’ve been in teaching methodology classes and workshops – really interesting material! I can’t wait to put these new skills and insights into practice back in my classroom. Now we’ve got a break and later this afternoon, the school is taking us on a tour of the city. 

My fellow classmates, Spanish teachers from all different countries and cultures, are terrific. And tomorrow I begin shadowing a don Quijote teacher, can’t wait. I feel great knowing that I’m getting quality professional training and working to be a better teacher for my students, but I’m also having an amazing cultural experience. Not to mention I can already feel my Spanish skills improving!

Mark, age 35, don Quijote Salamanca (Spanish Teachers' Training Lab)

It’s Friday and we’re wrapping up our first week in Tenerife; it’s been such an amazing experience so far. Since we’ve never studied Spanish before, we’re in the total beginners A1 level. Señorita García is so patient and sweet with us… it’s been a while since we’ve been in the classroom! We’ve got another 4 people in class with us, all around our same age and Spanish level, so that makes it easy and comfortable. 

After classes, we’ve been going out and exploring Tenerife. It’s so beautiful here! We’ve already visited Mount Teide and taken a scenic tour of Teide National Park. The school organizes all the activities for us… all we have to do is show up – no stress. There are also cultural lessons like cooking and dance, and tonight they’re taking us for a relaxing evening on the beach.

I honestly never thought learning Spanish could be like this, so fun and relaxing. I love all the personalized attention. I don’t know why I waited so long to try it…I suppose I always felt like I couldn’t do it, or didn’t have the time, or that the window of opportunity to learn Spanish closed after college. I really have to say this experience is making me reevaluate what I’m capable of and how I want to organize my upcoming retirement.

Marie, age 55, don Quijote Tenerife (Spanish for 50+)

In 2008 I spent a few weeks taking my first steps toward a better understanding of Spanish at don Quijote Valencia. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. After I graduated from university, I decided to do a master’s in translation in Cordoba, and today I’m working as a legal translator and expect to become a sworn translator soon. It all started with don Quijote, thanks a million.
P.S. When I go to Valencia I always go by Galileo Galilei for old times’ sake!

Petra, age 33, don Qujote Valencia (DELE Exam Preparation 20)

Excellent school, I've learned a lot about the culture and of course the language! I had signed up for private cooking classes and it was very special, I loved the food and the bond I created with my cooking teachers; Gloria y Sandra. Sandra was also my language teacher and she is the best!!!! Playa del Carmen was beautiful and lots to do, but most importantly I felt safe there. The excursions were awesome and we really got to experience the culture. I left with a heart full of joy and I would love to go back one day.

Nat, age 19, don Quijote Playa del Carmen (Gap Year Program)

I had the best experience ever with don Quijote in Playa del Carmen, Mexico! It’s been a year since I was there and I still think about it almost every day. The team at the Playa school is so incredibly kind and helpful — they helped me improve my Spanish immensely, they were always so full of great advice about the region and anything México related, and they’re super fun! The school itself is beautiful and it’s outdoors. The school tour guide Mauricio takes you on amazing trips around the beautiful Yucatan Peninsula. I met amazing people at the school who I’m still friends with and who I’ve traveled to visit again. I’ve also already gotten two friends to go study Spanish at don Quijote Playa del Carmen! I would 100% do this again. Gracias por todo, ¡espero volver!

Miruna, age 28, don Quijote Playa del Carmen (Intensive 25)

Amazing school! Extremely warm and helpful staff who try their best to make sure students are well taken care of, not only in the school but also in the city. Instructors are experienced, patient, effective, and friendly. don Quijote provides a very comfortable learning environment and is located in the center of the city. The school also organizes fun outings and language/ culture exchange activities to connect their students. I highly recommend don Quijote and Salamanca as a city to learn Spanish!

Fatima, age 40, don Quijote Salamanca (Super Intensive 30)

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