Colombian Wildlife

Discover the Colombian wildlife, that is incredibly diverse and has some truly unique species in the world. Enjoy its protected areas and natural parks.
Located in the northwestern corner of Latin America and bordered by the majestic Andean mountains, the wildlife in Colombia is highly diverse due to the country’s varied terrain, making it a crucial hot spot for numerous habitats and extensive biodiversity.

This is strongly reflected in the range of Colombian animals which inhabit the mountainous landscapes. Colombia’s wildlife is characterized by a number of fascinating species, some of the most remarkable being the Andean condor which is Colombia’s national symbol and, with its staunch frame and hooked beak, one of the largest birds in the world; the pacarana, resembling an oversized guinea pig and classed as the third largest rodent in the world; and the red howler monkey which is renowned for its noisy howls when negotiating territorial space with other males.

Not only famous for its abundant natural wildlife, Colombian natural parks are some of the best in Latin America. The nation’s largest park is the Chiribiquete National Park which is situated in the Guiana province. Notably, home to a proliferation of species of bird and providing a habitat to eight mammal species under the threat of extinction, Chiribiquete is known as one of the greatest places to discover new species worldwide.

All this makes Colombia the ideal destination for those who want to explore one of the richest wildlife in the world.