don Quijote
Costa Rica has a rich musical history is a fact that many people don't know about. Costa Rican calypso music is one of the most recognized musical styles to come out of Costa Rica along with soca, salsa, merengue and cumbia.

Costa Rica also has an indigenous folk music tradition that still exists today with the use of ocarinas in ancient ceremonial songs that are still played today. The province of Guancaste, home to Tamarindo, is the center for keeping alive the folkloric spirit of Costa Rican folk music.

Danza del Sol and Danza de la Luna are two ceremonial dances that are accompanied by the Pre-Columbian instruments known as the chirimia and the quijongo. Contemporary music also has a place in the musical scene to be found here. Rock bands such as Ghandi, Evolución and Tango India have made their mark here and abroad.

Reggae and Ska are also two very popular musical genres which also fit the mood well here among the tropical beaches. For the visitor to Costa Rica, listening to interesting and culturally pertinent music is a benefit of being here.