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All our schools in Spain and Mexico are preparing an exciting summer season as they wait to be reopened in a few weeks. And, of course, all don Quijote schools in Costa Rica, and Ecuador remain open and working full steam ahead!

Winter Break

Escape the cold and focus on learning Spanish for a week or two! The holiday season is the perfect time to get swept up in the local culture and experience the age-old traditions of Spain, Mexico, Costa Rica, or Ecuador. This course combines 20 Spanish classes with 3 cultural activities per week to help you fully enjoy your destination.


Spend your vacation learning Spanish


This course is aimed at students of all Spanish levels who are interested in experiencing a full language and cultural immersion by combining interactive language classes with special activities that will take them out of the classroom and into the city.

This program is ideal for students who want to take advantage of their free time and use it to improve their Spanish skills and experience a new culture. 


Travel to a Spanish-speaking country during a unique time of year. Enjoy your winter break to the fullest by learning Spanish on the beach (Barcelona, Malaga, Tenerife, or Valencia in Spain; Playa del Carmen in Mexico), in the rainforest (Santo Domingo de Heredia in Costa Rica), or in an urban center full of history and culture (Madrid, Granada, or Salamanca in Spain; Oaxaca or Guanajuato in Mexico; Quito in Ecuador).

The one or two-week Winter Break course provides the perfect opportunity to take your Spanish to the next level while enjoying a festive atmosphere in the destination of your choosing.

During your cultural activities you will visit Christmas Markets, taste typical Christmas products such us nougat or the traditional “roscón” of the Three Wise Men (round cake) or live cultural traditions and customs like New Year’s Eve party and the twelve strikes.

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Prices for the Winter Break course

1 week from 289$

2 weeks from 578$

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I had an amazing experience in Marbella, it was a great combination of learning, glamour, and fun in the sun. I loved being able to go to the beach every day after class, and my roommates and I practiced our Spanish together at home. After my experience with don Quijote, I’m motivated to continue studying the language so I can keep traveling and learning about other cultures.


Being in Seville really makes you feel alive. It’s bursting with vibrant colors and animated conversations, there’s just something in the air. Being immersed in such a rich culture makes every day a truly unique experience. The teachers at don Quijote helped me soak up all the Spanish I could during class, then I would go out and put everything I’d learned into practice over tapas, sitting on a terrace with my new friends. I love the Andalusian accent!


I never thought I’d meet so many people from so many different countries. The classes at don Quijote are very international, plus there’s a great student atmosphere in Salamanca thanks to the famous university. I picked up a lot of Spanish words and phrases just by talking with locals. My roommates and I also put sticky notes all around the apartment to help us remember our new vocabulary. The city itself was great, you can see the most incredible architecture just walking to the supermarket. I can’t believe how much I learned, both in class and in the real world. I would definitely recommend studying at don Quijote in Salamanca.


The island of Tenerife is incredible. There’s so much to do, you can enjoy life in the city or get away from it all by going on a beautiful hike or taking it easy on the beach. Learning Spanish here at don Quijote was a dream come true. The teachers were very patient with me, and every day I felt a bit more comfortable speaking in Spanish. Now I can have real conversations in a new language, which will open doors for me the future.


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