Your language level We have created a list of everything you need to know about studying at don Quijote, your first day, your schedule, the learning methodology and certifications.

From A1 to C2

We´ll use these results of this test together with an oral test you will do during your first day of school to make sure you are placed in the right class. At don Quijote our language levels follow the European Framework of Reference for Languages:
  • A1: Beginner Level
  • A2: Elementary Level
  • B1: Intermediate Level
  • B2: Upper Intermediate Level
  • C1: Advanced Level
  • C2: Proficiency Level
We guarantee continuity within all levels so that you can have a seamless learning experience with no interruptions. Every level is offered in all schools on a weekly basis which allows you for full flexibility to combine destinations.

Your first day starts at 8.30am on Monday morning, when you will be greeted in our schools. You will start your day with an oral and written assessment test in order for us to place you in the correct language level and class. Afterward, you will be introduced to your teacher and classmates before being greeted by the School Director during the campus and neighborhood tour. You will also receive our don Quijote Student Welcome Pack.

To ensure the effectiveness of our programs, don Quijote follows a general schedule of morning and afternoon classes. However, as part of our commitment to flexibility, we are happy to work with each student to meet their specific needs.
Your timetable is structured based on the program you have chosen.

Our learning methodology combines classroom lessons with special interest/cultural classes, workshops, lectures and classes held outside the classroom. All our programs are designed to help you learn Spanish in a fun and enjoyable way.

General Language Classes
These regular classes are divided by levels and focused on improving vocabulary, grammar, reading, writing, listening, speaking and pronunciation skills.

Special interests/cultural classes
These classes are focused on developing conversation and communication skills through debate on subjects you are interested in.

On a weekly basis, we offer workshops and lectures students are free to sign up for. They cover different skills, levels and subject areas.

Outside the classroom
Learning Spanish is not just about attending classes, it is a true linguistic and cultural experience. Therefore, through different activities we encourage all our students to practice their Spanish outside the classroom while many times forging friendships that last a lifetime.

After completing the program, we hand all students a completion certificate documenting their program, hours completed and current level of proficiency achieved.


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