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Discover the Mexican wildlife, that is incredibly diverse and has some truly unique species in the world. Enjoy its protected areas and natural parks. Mexico encompasses such a vast area of land that it is not surprising that it is home to such a wide variety of flora and fauna. Inhabiting areas from pine forests and tropical ecosystems, to deserts and an enormous coral atoll, Mexican wildlife is incredibly diverse and has some truly unique species. Mexican animals are an incredibly diverse mix of creatures, from wolves, jaguars and pumas to axolotl, iguanas and the famous Monarch butterflies. Marine animals in Mexico are also varied with turtles, sharks, swordfish and whales all inhabiting the shores.The plant life is equally diverse with over 30,000 flowering plant found throughout the country from orchids to the famous Cacao trees. There are some truly unique and fascinating plant species found in Mexico, including 20m tall Cacti and Boojum Trees. There is also an abundant variety of fruit in Mexico, with some particularly intriguing native species such as Mamey Sapote and Canistel. Unfortunately, due to an increase in deforestation, pollution and in certain cases overhunting, there is an ever growing list of Mexican protected species. Many of these animals are endemic to Mexico, so the government´s continued conservational fight and maintenance of Mexico's natural parks is key in ensuring that native species do not die out. Some of the animals that are most endangered include the Vaquita, the smallest marine mammal found only in the Gulf of California; the Totoaba a fish also native to the Gulf of California that was once abundant but has suffered greatly from over fishing. Land mammals that are critically endangered also include the Mexican prairie dog, the San Quintin Kangaroo Rat, the Volcano Rabbit and the Oaxacan Pocket Gopher to name a few.© 1996 - 2017 don Quijote Salamanca S. L. All rights reserved. Privacy policy