Peruvian Culture

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In modern-day Peru, culture has been shaped by the remnants of Spanish and Amerindian influences on the country. More recent Peruvian history has also had an effect; the indigenismo of the early 20th century, and the region's more recent political struggles have also impacted the Peruvian people and their culture. The country's geography means the ethnic diversity has been preserved and can be seen in the diverse traditions in Peruvian culture.

Peruvian customs are not dissimilar to a lot of other Latin American nations, but it is the Peruvian people that make their culture so unique. The syncretism of indigenous heritage, along with the close alliance to Roman Catholicism, is what makes Peruvian culture so interesting, especially the Christmas celebrations that are so important to Peruvian society.

Peruvian art is famous worldwide; the pre-Columbian work evolved into religious art after the Spanish colonization and thanks to the awareness of indigenous rights in modern Peruvian society, indigenous styles and symbols have become increasingly important in Peruvian art. Peruvian literature styles also follow Peruvian history, with the oral story-telling of the pre-Columbian age, right up to the Latin American boom of the late 20th century, with writers such as Mario Vargas Llosa making Peruvian literature famous around the globe.

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