Teenage Life in Spain

Find out more about teenage life in Spain and what Spanish teens do to enjoy their time!


Spain is an ideal country for people of any age. The country is already very well known as a retirement destination for Europeans and a great vacation spot for families. Besides, there are many reasons why Spain attracts also teenagers.

The environment in Spain is spontaneous and informal, which makes it easy for adolescents to make friends. Additionally, the normal schedule in Spain is much more relaxed than in other countries, which is more in line with the natural rhythms of youth. The lifestyle in Spain revolves around being outside in the fresh air, walking, and spending time in the city center. This allows teenagers to enjoy a certain freedom that they may not be able to experience elsewhere.

Spanish teenagers often get together in the city center and hang out, with nothing to fear, since Spain is a very safe country. Additionally, there are many things for teenagers in Spain to do during the year.


Spanish teenagers have many options to practice fun activities or sports in the outdoors. In summer, many teenagers in Spain practice adventure sports such as canoeing, rafting, or climbing. In fact, there are many companies dedicated to adventure sports in the country. In winter, the same mountains that are alive and active in the summer become great places to ski or snowboard.

Spanish teenagers can also have fun from coast to coast in this country blessed with over 3,000 kilometers of coastline. Teenagers in Spain can surf the wild waves of the Cantabrian Sea in the north or practice windsurfing and kite surfing in the blusterous Strait of Gibraltar. If you prefer to watch sports rather than play them, there is no shortage of prestigious sporting events and famous athletes in Spain. Watch Formula 1, important tennis matches, or catch an exciting Real Madrid or FC Barcelona European soccer game… the list of possibilities is endless.


Spain has more theme parks than any other European country! Some of the large North American studios have opened parks in Spain such as Port Aventura by Universal Studios near Barcelona, or the Warner Brothers Park in Madrid. These theme parks attract a large number of teenagers from Spain as well as families from all over Europe. Warner Brother's Park has some of the most exciting rides while Universal's Port Aventura Park, apart from its record-breaking attractions, is famous for its attention to detail in the thematic areas.

Other parks are also popular with teenagers in Spain. Isla Mágica, in Seville, recreates important moments in history such as the American Conquest. Terra Mítica Park, in Alicante, is also dedicated to ancient times, with various attractions and monuments from different civilizations.

Spanish teens can also enjoy some more classic amusement parks; some are over one hundred years old. These parks, such as the Parque de Atracciones de Madrid, the Parque de Atracciones del Tibidabo in Barcelona, and Tívoli Park in Malaga, have been renovated over the years but still manage to conserve their classic appeal.

During the hot summer, teenagers in Spain can head to one of the country's many water parks. Aquópolis is particularly famous, with seven parks located throughout Spain including the largest water park in Europe in Villanueva de la Cañada, Madrid. Other big water parks in Spain are located in famous vacation spots such as Aqualandia in Benidorm or Aquarama in Benicasim.


Going out is a popular activity for teenagers in Spain because it is a great way to experience the true environment of the country. In all Spanish towns and villages it is tradition to hold festivals and other celebrations in the street including outdoor concerts, markets, fairs, firework displays, competitions, food stands, parades, etc.

Get swept up in all the fun celebrations in Spain, just like a Spanish teenager! Spaniards are well known for their love of being outside, where they carry out the majority of their social life. Teenagers in Spain also spend a great deal of time outdoors having drinks and tapas with friends on bar terraces before going out at night. In fact, there are many dance clubs especially for teenagers where they can hang out, dance, and have fun without any alcohol served.


Teens in Spain can also take advantage of the many alternative programs and activities specially designed for them offered throughout the city. Spanish teenagers can take up different sports or sign up for crafts, cooking classes, or dance classes. These programs are free of charge and are designed to teach Spanish youth how to have fun in a healthy and safe way.