Argentinean history is very interesting. What's more is that by understanding what has happened in the countries past you will be able to understand how it became what it's today. Argentina like many countries in South America was conquered by the Spaniards in the 16thcentury. This colonisation had a strong effect upon the country and in this section we will tell you all about Argentina´s history both before and after the colonisation.

Before the Spaniards colonised Argentina, the Argentinian people had their own unique customs and habits. As the country is vast not all of the people had exactly the same habits and practices. You can learn much more about their ways of life though and see what life was like pre-Columbus.

We also have information about what life was like following the immediate arrival of the Spanish population. The colonisation was not without its problems and whilst the Spanish settlers did manage to impose their language upon the people they failed in other areas.

Of course we also have pages about the history of modern day Argentina. You can find out more about the Peron's rule and the relatively recent problems during the Dirty War.

By reading about the history of Argentina you will find that you not only discover more about this country's fascinating past but also that you will understand modern argentinian culture better too.

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